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Dec 5, 2015
Hi everyone! I'm an acro dancer, so I am incorporating tumbling skills into different dance styles (I'm a boy btw). I have several questions (I'm a COMPLETE beginner!):

1. For cartwheels, do you guys have any tips? I can't really seem to kick over my head.
2. For handstands, I always kick too much or too little. Any tips?
3. For bridges, my wrists hurt when I push up into one.. is this normal?
4. When in a bridge, my body is too spread out and my back barely bends. does anyone have tips?
5. I really need some strengthening tips. I want to be able to hold handstands and do other difficult tricks.
6. I go for acro dance once a week. is this enough? I want to be able to get some skills such as walkovers, limbers, aerials, etc. within about 6 months. (because I dance, I don't do other events in gymnastics such as beam, vault, and bars.

Thanks SO much!


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Jan 4, 2008
1. Are you lunging into your cartwheel. The most common reason for legs going around the side rather than over your head is the you are putting your hands down too close to your feet.
2. Handstands - do them a lot. If so,entices you are kicking up too much and sometimes too little, then it is usually a matter of practice. Just like a toddler who learns to stand on their feet it becomes more natural the more you do it.
3. Sore wrists in bridge are often caused by a lack of shoulder flexibility. Practise bridges with feet up on a box. This will take the pressure off your back and put the stretch into your shoulders. It could also be weak wrists, but this would depend if you get pain doing other skills as well.
4. Hard to know without seeing your bridge but the stretch above will help.
5. Strength should be a part of your class.. Do handstands with your nose and armpits to a wall and work to build up the time you can do this to build handstand endurance.
6. Most acro dancers take class once a week. But as with anything twice is better.
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