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Feb 26, 2007
So, today I recieved an email from my daughter's coaches boyfriend. The coach and I have been friends for 7 years, since she began coaching my 1st daughter, we have girls around the same age and they train together. The coach is the owner/head coach of our very small rural gym club.

Now obviously during the course of these 7 years there have been times when we have had to talk about issues concerning gym and not concerning our friendship. There have been two times when she told me my youngest dd had said something mean to another child, I dealt with that straight away.

There have been many things that have happened to my girls at gym that I just didn't complain about as she is the coach and mom and some things just do not get fixed.

So back to the email. It basically is a secret email, saying he, the boyfriend, is pissed off 'cos my kid said something mean to his daughters best friend at gym. He goes on to say my kid is always snotty and obnoious. He then says I better sort her out or she won't be welcome at the summer camp to make the other kids miserable. He also tells me that I should not be questioning the coach as she is the coach and knows best.

If I do question it is normal boring parent stuff. I know a physco gym mom when I see one. But, I did coach in the way back when, so I know far more about gym then the average parent.

He then goes on to say my other kid is really nice and well behaved and not to reply to the email when the coach is around as this is between me and him.

I did reply telling him my kid is as obnoxious as the other girls in the gym, she is half their age and takes a lot of crap from them too. I also told him that for the amount of tuition I pay to have my kids in gym I should be entitled to ask questions. And that the coach should be the one to deal with any issues not him.

What would you do? Right now I think I'll sit back and ignore it, but it does make my blood boil just a tiny bit....:confused:


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Sep 3, 2005
This should be printed out and brought to the gym owner immediately. If the owner does not see a problem, then I would find a new gym. This guy is obviously a very tiny individual. Email is not the medium to discuss such a situation.

Gym situations should be taken care of at the gym.

Can you imagine an email like that circulating around a gym? Once again...I didn't say do it. I can't believe he would even send an email that could hurt the image of a gym so much...what an idiot.:fryingpan:

As far as what I would do...I haven't been known to show as much control as you are. Great the professional as this guy is not one.


If I were the coach, I'd want to know that my "boyfriend" was sending those kinds of Emails. I think you should print it out and take it to her. I don't think it is his place at all to send that kind of an Email. If a problem really exists then the gymnast in question should be talking to the coach about it, who in turn should address it with your daughter and you.


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Feb 26, 2007
Hysterically enough I never recieved a reply from the "boyfriend" (read long term partner and father of coaches kids). I dropped the girls off at gym as per usual. Coach, as always, had hugs and kisses for me (this is Quebec, we kiss everyone!). We talk for proably half an hour as always. We talked about summer camp, she said she really wants my kids at her camp (mine have done summer training elsewhere up till this point).

The other gymnast was not there, was sick, I asked how she was and said something about my DD feeling sorry for her as she has been sick for two weeks (proabaly with the same virus my kid had). Still the coach said nothing.

We chatted about an upcoming travel meet, I booked the hotel. We talked about soccer tryouts, the weather etc etc.

So, I can only guess that the boyfriend is an absolute nutter, I shall tell him to "bog off" (comes from the Bogwoppit) and mind his own business if he dares email me again. I think I may have got the message across.

I hesitate to give the email to the coach right now, it will just stir up trouble and I think I can be the big girl here and ignore him. My husband was ready to go and alter his car tyres last night!!!:D I convinced him that my girls like the gym a lot and we are far more educated than that. I shall intimidate him with my intellect and stunning good looks. Either that or I'll set my potty mouthed 8 year old on him (now that is a joke, she is really quite a sweetie!)

Thanks for the input and the forum to vent, I couldn't really call the other gym parents to vent, mind you most of them don't understand a word I say, I am British and they only speak French!!!


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Mar 1, 2007
Can't help you with your e-mail problem but just wanted to say I love your sense of humor bogwoppit & agree it is hard to speak to others in your gym. I am a newbie myself so of course I don't have too many friends yet...some of these moms are just not my type...not sure I want to hang with them anyway, LOL!

Too funny about your husband going after the car tires too...maybe just send him to pick up your daughters so he can look tough & intimidating!
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