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Rec Coach

We're going to have 'Handstand Day' with our intermediate/advanced groups and I'm looking for as many ideas as possible to incorporate into stations. I thought a big list of handstand ideas would be a great resource for any coach! Here's the start of mine so far:

HS roll out
HS bridge
jump to HS
HS pirouette
HS against wall
HS tummy against wall
HS pop to back
HS on floor bar
HS beam
Cartwheel to HS


Jan 31, 2008
Region 5
I'm not sure how advanced your kids are but mine(levels 4 and up) love to do handstand walks obstacle courses. Doesn't have to be to extreme, walking up/down small inclines, over things and so on. It is very hard but they love it.


Handstand walks - forwards, backwards, sideways.
BWO to handstand, half pirouette, FWO
Handstand half piro, pause, half piro, pause, etc (this requires more control than just handstand piros)
Handstands with fun leg positions
Handstand contest!

Cast handstand on bars.
Jump on tramp to handstand on bars
Elastic/bounce handstand trainer on floor bar.
FHS vault with an elevated mat, once the kids reaches handstand, block to the higher mat.

Make sure you do lots of wrist stretches on handstand day!
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