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Hello, I am Corinne I am currently coaching in Hawaii. I have been teaching for several years now but it has been mostly recreation classes but I have helped out with competitive team. I am currently in a situation where myself and another coach are going to be coaching levels 5, 6, and 7's. Now I am pretty confident about this change and that myself and the other coach are going to bring alot of great change and more structure to our team program but it is uncharted territory for me so I am looking for any sort of advice I can get. In particular what sort of warm up routine should I go with and what are some good ideas as far as conditioning go? Any imput is greatly appreciated and much needed.:)


I read your post in the coach's forum. I am not a coach, so I am saying this the parent of a level 6 gymnast, please please remember to work on arm/hand/leg/foot positions all the time. DO NOT tell them something is good, if it isn't! We had a coach that would just say "good job" and the girls would say among themselves, "if it's so good why are we only getting 7's & 8'S?" Rebember that conditioning/stretching is very important. DO occasionally remind them to "stay tight" - by these levels they know they need to, but they sometimes get lazy or forget when concentrating on a new skill/routine. DON'T try to get them to work harder by tearing them down. Constructive criticism is accepted, putting them down or embarrassing them brings negative results. Repetition, repetition, repetition.....the more they can do their skills and their routines the better they will be. And last - don't let them practice things wrong! Sloppy/wrong practice makes sloppy/wrong competition.


Aug 29, 2007
We run in the beginning for about 10 minutes then do 20 minutes of stretch. We then split off to events for about an hour and twenty minutes then the girls have snack time which is about 15 minutes. When we come back from snack they go to the next event and work there for another hour. Then for the last half hour we either do flexability, stregnth or a game.

We also do conditioning at each event, which is where the girls get the majority of their conditioning. Usually when we start an event we do a complex, which includes basics, conditioning and stregnth. Then we do what we have to do. At this time of year when we are about to start season, we are working skills and routines.

The biggest thing I learned from coaching the last 10 years, was always give constructive critisism with something postitive as well. The girls seem to like that better. So if little Susie just did her backwalkover with straight legs this time but her arms weren't right, then I'd say, your legs were much better but you really need to concentrate on your arms.

I also wrote back to you in the coaches forum. But make sure to work basics and get the basics before moving onto the harder skills. Best of luck.


Thanks for tyhe advice. And yeah positive guidience is the only thing we do at our gym. I work for the Air Force and they have some pretty strict rules about that.
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