choeography cost and who

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Feb 9, 2008
:confused:How much do most floor routines cost for level 10 and is it really worth flying in someone with a big name or can local dancers do the same or better job cheaper? Just wanted to know what others are doing.
Dec 8, 2007
I don't think It would cost more for level 10 then for level 7.............
Local people can do it fine. My coach makes ours for FREE!


my old gym we got a judge to do it, and she was around $300. but at my new gym we have our coach do it, and i think her price is a little lower


I paid $250 for my DD's level 7 floor routine. I knew the person, so I got a discount. Others have paid $300-400.
Jan 17, 2008
One of our coaches does it, She is a former collegiate gymnast (Division I).

I think she charges $150. Which includes touch ups.

I think is reasonable, the girls keep the same routine for 2 years..
Mar 30, 2008
Well when i got my first floor routine, one of our coaches did it. She was a GREAT dancer and found cheography that we liked and fit our personalities too!! The routines she made up for us scored VERY well with the judges. Our parents paid about $200 (i think) maybe less. and that was for everyone. (if u new her or not)


I've heard up to $500. Generally I've only seen a coach fly in and get paid for their routines ( + hotel and food [ I think they managed to drive her around ] ) when said choreographer was going to do quite a few routines. At that level, I can see why someone would do it; but I would still look local if your gym does not have anyone to choreograph that would be suitable. I could also see going to see said choreographer if they were regional and a drive away.

I'm sure you would have to run this through your team program as some might object to it ( especially if they already have someone who does their choreography ).

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
For all levels from 7 to 10, choreography was $300 and music was $150.

DD, who competed L7 this past season, her music was original and cut for her. She will use the same music and routine for L8, the coaches will just change the tumbling passes for the level.
Feb 9, 2008
Thanks for sharing. Our coach wants to fly in someone "famous" for a weekend, put them up in a hotel, for only four girls who need routines at a cost of 1,200 per a routine. He thinks he can require the rest of the team, about 25 to attend a workshop for $50 each to help cover the cost. This seems crazy for a small gym. I think our HC has Bella Syndrome. He truely acts bigger then he is.


$1200 per routine :eek: I definitely would not go for that - that is more than a bit excessive.


Club Owner / Manager
Feb 6, 2008
Well at least he wants to create a clinic to help pay for it as opposed to expecting you each to write a check for $1200, and a clinic could be useful. Come to think of it though, are you sure it is $1200 per routine or maybe $1200 for all 4 of them?

$1200 per routine is crazy regardless of WHO is choreographing it. I've had routines choreographed from all different types of choreographers, and nobody (even the "famous" ones) charged more than $500 per routine.
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