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Mar 8, 2015
The other night I stopped my DD head coach to ask how her progression and skills were going. At this point in her training I no longer stay at the gym and watch practices and if I do I will catch the first or last hour, or if I know they will be working floor skills (routines) I'll watch, but on a regular basis I spend most of my time away from the gym.
As we were leaving the other night I asked him about her progression, her skills, how she's been doing (making corrections) etc. I figured I would get a standard " she's doing fine, everything is on track" statement. However, he sets his gym bag down and says the kindest words to me. He told me that she is working harder than ever, she has a drive inside her that they seldom see in a lot of girls, that she must not have been born with a fear gene because she has a fear of nothing, on any event (which he says excites them) to be honest it scares me to death!! He says he wants to make sure he pushes her but not at a rate that is to fast, he doesn't want to risk injury, or burnout. He then told me that they already have a plan in place for her and her future.
I was a bit shocked, I know my daughter works hard, but so does all of the other girls she trains with. I know she has talent, but to my untrained eye so do many of the girls she trains with. This isn't the first time a coach from her gym has mentioned such high compliments before. I just don't understand what makes her stand out above any of the other girls. I have already sat down and gone over the gyms training and future plan with them for her so I know they are not trying to be nice and just say nice things. But as I watch in the gym, and maybe some coaches can weigh in, what are they seeing that I cannot pick out from the other girls. I love all of her teammates very much and we are so very lucky to be somewhere that everyone is so supportive. I'm just happy the coaches are noticing her hard work. And I'm so very proud.
That's so awesome!! Not many gyms give us parents a plan so that's wonderful that you have some idea of where she's headed. And maybe they see dedication, focus, perseverance? Obviously they see a lot of talent but lots of kids have talent, hard work beats talent any day so maybe she has both? Very exciting!! I hope everything goes as planned!
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Enjoy that feeling. Parenting is an amazing, fun, and sometimes really tough job. It's wonderful when those little moments come along when someone says something nice out of the blue about your kid.... Little treasures to hold close to the heart to help us get throught he harder days. I had a similar moment recently with my daughter's science teacher, who stopped me out of the blue in the hallway to tell me having my daughter in class has been a pleasure, and that the kind of questions and insight she has come along very rarely--and to always encourage her to pursue her interests in math and science. Mostly what we hear from this perfectionist-leaning kid are the little struggles here and there (lately about how she needs more time to eat her lunch!)... :) I was so grateful to that teacher for going out of her way to say something to me...I will remember it for many years to come. As well as her advice...
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