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Hi there, I'm just wondering has anyone used extra help to boost their child's confidence in this sport? I think my daughter would be able to improve so much more if she just had more confidence in herself. In training she always says she feels like she won't ever learn the harder skills yet she is a fierce competitor when it comes to her meets. I wish she'd carry that over to her training days. Does it help or is it overkill?
Aug 27, 2006
Not really I hate to say but we would bribe her a little when she was struggling just to get her through rough spots. And it would help he focus on doing it rather than just I cant do it. They were little bribes nothing major though :D We knew she could do somethong but she wouldnt believe it herself. My dh would make it like something they could do together when she got a skill or whatever that was troubling her to help her move past it. And she loves to show up her dad ;)
Not open for further replies.