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  1. M

    WAG Does Circus Trampoline class help train Gymnastics?

    I wanted to take a Circus Trampoline class. Do you think this class will help with gymnastics? I always thought doing this class would be considered 'cheating, and creating sloppy technique' in real tumbling (for front flips, backflips, side spins, etc). Reason is ease of use from jumping on...
  2. H

    WAG How much to train a week for an adult beginner?

    Hi, everyone! I’m an adult female in my early 20s that recently started taking an adult gymnastics and tumbling class in mid May. I LOVE IT! It’s actually kind of funny because I did gymnastics when I was 5 and 6 and I was so scared and disinterested, I never learned beyond a cartwheel in two...
  3. C

    Parents Can a great athlete train anywhere ans still achieve greatness?

    Do national team members ever come from gyms without an elite track record? If not when do you know its time to search for another gym? Do more well known coaches show interest or do you possibly alienate your gym by going to check out other gyms?
  4. F

    WAG Coaches who train under coaches who get banned

    Would you ever allow your child to train at a gym whose head coach once trained under a coach who was later banned from USAG for abusive tactics? Would you just go observe the coach during a few practices to see how they coach or would you write them off immediately just for having spent 5+...
  5. M

    Coaches Beam coaches how to get a kid to train through a connection she is Capable of doing

    Hello Alexa is a level nine who has a front handspring to side Ariel connection. As you can see in this video she connected very well at states. But at regionals not only did she missed her connection but she also fell on her Ariel. Alexa doesn't. Want to go for her connection in practice...
  6. R

    Parents What to do with a kid who wants to train more?

    DD (9) is on Xcel Bronze and really wants more training time. She goes 3x a week for a total of 7 hours, but asks all the time for more training. She's done plenty of other sports, but really loves gymnastics and wants to spend her time there, but our gym doesn't have any additional training...
  7. 1canadiangymmom

    WAG Has anyone every had their dd train at a gym in Mexico while on vacation?

    Looking at either PVR or Cancun but dd doesn't want to go if she is going to miss a week of gym before comp season, so if anyone has, or knows of a decent comp gym in either destination please, please let me know.
  8. T

    WAG Train Your Mind - CD. Thoughts ?

    Any of your kids tried this one from Doc Ali. Think mine just needs to hear a new voice, I am doing my best to remain a mute ;). She is 12 mid optional level - agrivated and frustrated with no real reason (well some beam inconsistency) other than I am assuming teen hormonal levels.
  9. Jasmynn

    Coaches How many hrs do your Xcels train?

    How many hrs do your Xcel silver, bronze and gold train?
  10. GeekyGymMom

    Just Boarding the Gym Train for the First Time!

    Hello everyone! Have just found CB in my efforts to become a more informed gym parent. My daughter (6) just started team practice a month ago after being invited from rec classes. Hoping to keep her happy and healthy as she works through this sport she is obsessed with, while staying sane...
  11. C

    Coaches how do you train for presses in a row

    Maybe I can get some help here. I have some questions because I coach a girls group and don't have any deeper knowledge about that. There are a ton of videos out there about how to get a straddle press but not how to train for more or even 10 in a row! 1) How do you increase your reps in...
  12. G

    WAG Am I getting on the crazy train?

    Hi all a bit random and please talk me down if needed but I feel although the NHS is brilliant at providing free care to everyone I'm wondering if taking my dd to a physio even though it don't see any problems with her I feel as though prevention is better than a cure and want to avoid injuries...
  13. G

    Parents Do kids really train with team for summer and then not make it?

    My DD (almost 8) is in the level 3 training group for the summer -she was definitely on the cusp of not making it into the group and staying in pre team but she was moved up in the end (and without me even asking for it). She is still missing skills as is most of the rest of her group. First...
  14. F

    WAG How can I train for "Kip Extension"? Please Help!

    My coach said before I am allowed to start training free hip to handstand pirouette I need to be able to do at least 3, better 5 "kip extensions", also called V-Hang to Inverted Hang and some of our little ones call it "short to lang hang". I hope you know what I mean! Here is a video: I can...
  15. M

    Any gymnasts or parents of gymnasts who train at WAIS?

    My daughter has been asked to attend a talent ID day at the Western Australian Institute of Sport in a few weeks time. She's currently NDP2 and turning 8 in September. I was interested in what hours would be required for training and the costs involved if accepted. And also any advice or...
  16. B

    Coaches What angle do you train for in clearhips?

    Do you start with baby clearhips and work your way up or do you shoot right for handstand? We've been working them to handstand and they are getting better but I'm beginning to wonder if it was a mistake to do it that way. They are not close to hitting handstand on their own. When they make an...
  17. K

    WAG Why do gymnasts train 365 days a week?

    I have two question concerning training. 1. I guess most gymnasts who are Level 6 or higher train at least 12 hours a week, almost everyday, 365 days a year. Wouldn't breaks be beneficial? I know that all Elites train 6 days a week up to 6 hours a day and it is an exception when they get a day...
  18. S

    WAG Do you let your gymmie train when he/she is sick?

    My DD is currently sick. She has been feeling not well since last Sunday. She had a sore throat, maybe a very light form of bronchitis (no unpleasant caughing, though) and a cold. It was worst on Monday, where she really had to lie down. From Tuesday on, it got better every day. Yesterday she...
  19. kitkat

    Does your national team train different then the provincial team?

    Just wondering what other clubs do out there for their national girls. Do they train longer hours? Do they train together or are they intermingled with the provincial girls. Do they work on different skills together? Release moves, tumbling, etc.? Do they condition any different? Any...
  20. Bajanswife

    WAG Looking for gyms in Florida for DD to train at on vacation

    She is 10 and training new level 6. She would like to keep up her training while we are on vacation and she also loves to have the opportunity to train at a gym that has pits, as her gym doesn't. Anyone here know of a gym that's receptive to outsiders coming in to train with the team on a...