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Sep 3, 2005
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We are thinking of purchasing a double mini for our club. As I have said before, we are a rec. club. Is a double mini a piece of equipment that can be safe and fun for all levels of school age gymnastics? I have no experience on a double mini and I don't want to buy something that only 2% of our gymnasts can use. We already have a 7x14 aussie tramp so our coaches are used to keeping rec. kids safe on high performance tramps.

They sure look like fun!


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We've never been at a gym that has one. I would ask the Trampoline guy, George Hery. His tramploine classes at congress was very safety oriented.
I completely suggest it! My gym has two double minis even thoguh we are currently only using one it is great for learning new bigger skills, it is also good for just practicing old ones as well, or old skills that you have lost. I don't suggest having level 4 and bellow do backward stuff on it unless they feel totally and completely ready or you feel they need to try because I had one of my level fours do a back hand spring off the end and she fell on her face plus back tucks and stuff like that seem much more intimidating on a double mini.
I used a double mini as a competitive gymnast and I loved it. As a coach I think the risk factor is higher for lower level gymnasts, especially if they do not have the cooridination and ability to control their bodies.

I think that rec gymnasts would benefit more from a regular trampoline.
My girls go to a summer camp where they have used a double mini. All levels/ages from total beginners to national level use it daily for a week, so I can only assume that it is quite easy to intigrate into rec programmes. My older girl began her first twisting on one as it gave her the power she needed to gain height. The coaches seemed to have no problem spotting on one either.

Sure looked like fun to me, and how can it be more dangerous than the insane Aussie trampoline you have JBS? :eek:
We have a double mini at our gym and the kids seem to like it and we have kids as young as six using it -- I think it's helpful if you stress the safety issue of "not jumping on the red parts" to the kids, but other than that they should be fine. I have to warn you though -- learning how many jumps, what jumps to do, etc. on that thing can be VERY confusing!!
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