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Aug 4, 2008
I responded to a previous thread, but thought I would start a new one...

Is it common to receive a handbook or something that lists the fees? I have come to the realization that is an expensive sport. My daughter loves it and we like seeing her challenged, but I'm curious as to how does everyone find out costs/fees and how much notice you are given to pay.

The coaches haven't told us costs about anything, but I have conversed with seasoned parents to get some insight. I'm saddened that there seems to be a communication problem at the gym when it comes to costs.


Our gym holds a parents' meeting each summer to discuss fees for the upcoming season. We are given a break down of the costs, and a payment schedule, with usually two months until the first due date.


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Feb 19, 2007
Both gyms we've been at have held a "parent's" meeting during the summer to discuss these issues as well. If your gym doesn't do this, maybe a polite request to the owners would suffice. You could just explain that people are confused and it would also be more efficient for the owners/coaches to explain this one time to everyone at the same time!



Yep - same here. No handbook - just a meeting going over the schedule for the upcoming year and costs. Depending on the meets your dd goes to, how far, how many girls compete, etc - all factor into how much the competition actually costs. Finding an experienced team mom is really helpful in the beginning - they can usually give you the scoop on how things are done at your gym. Good luck :)
Feb 26, 2007
We just get the bill when our girls are placed in their training groups for the year, this is always in September, the bill can be paid all at once or installments. If new suits are needed that happens in October and we pay that separately.

No meetings, no handbook.

gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
We are at a Club owned by a brothers. I have come to realize they are great coaches but, not great at paperwork and getting info to people. This is where our Booster Club works with the head coaches to get info to parents. Our owners are thrilled and parents are happier also. We wrote a handbook together which we have edited each year and han out to everyone every year. I will say this took time but, it has kept our fees down at the club because, the Booster now handels thing the gym used to have to do themselves or pay some one to do. So my advice see if anyone wants to start a non-profit booster for this club it is well worth it. We have done team parties, family parties, fundraising of team fees, a year end banquet and guest coaches coming in to help out. Best of Luck.:cool:


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Mar 1, 2007
We have a parent's meeting in the Summer to discuss the fees and schedule. Last year there was a small handout I was given to explain some things, but most things I learned by speaking to other parents and HERE!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
We have a booster club meeting every couple of months.

HC went through the list of meets for the coming year. She chose the ones that we would go to and posted the meets, meet dates, meet fees & coaches fee's for each along with a due date for the meet fee.

We do have a packet that she developed as well. It does not really contain and $ info just what is expected, what is needed to move to each level........
Feb 28, 2008
Our gym is a year and a half old. We do not have a booster club however, I wish we could get one together. This season, we were emailed a meet schedule at the beginning of July with most of the meet dates and fees. What got me was that they decided to get new leos AND warmups this year to the tune of $300.00 and wanted all of it paid the NEXT DAY!!! Needless to say, there was an email that came out a few hours later saying that we could pay half that week and the other half before our first meet.

We also have an equipment fee. Do most gyms do that??
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