Front Handsprings, Squat-Ons, Back Handsprings... oh my!

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May 22, 2011
Last week was my first day back after a LOOOOOOOOOONG break, and I did terribly. I couldn't even walk on the beam without falling off!

But this week I was almost back to where I had left off last session. I got all my skills back, and some even better than before. But I am having trouble on three skills... front handsprings on vault, squat-ons on bars, and back handsprings on floor/trampoline.

So, I did my front handspring with a light-ish spot today, but I must have overturned and I ended up landing leaning a bit too far forward, and I did a faceplant onto the (squishy) mat before I could do anything about it. (I was not hurt.) Any advice on how to stick the landing?

I've had my squat-on, as in consistently, twice. But then I always lose it again! >.< I almost had it today... I kept hitting my ankles off the bar and coming back down. Then I got one foot on, and the other foot tripped on the bar, and I ended up faceplanting onto the mat. AGAIN. I was okay, though, but frustrated. What can I do better to get both my feet up? I'm casting really big, and I'm not sure what else I can do.

And, finally, back handsprings. They made me do them by myself on the trampoline today for the first time. Actually, the second time, but the first time didn't go so well, so let's just call this the first time. So I went and did it, and undercut TERRIBLY. My hands landed exactly where my feet were, and I fell flat on my stomach. Then I landed on my knees the second time, and the third time I landed sort of crouching down, but not sitting. It was near the end of class, so they didn't have much time to tell me what I may have been doing wrong. What are common mistakes in back handsprings that may cause undercutting?

Thanks so much! :D
all of your angst is from being off for a "loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg" time. get back to everyone after you've been back in the gym for twice the time you were oooooffffffff.:)
~~~~~~~okay.. let start with the front handspring vault.well to have a good vault, you need a good punch of the board, when you punch off the board make sure you are not diving into the board or snapping your chest down as this will cause a pike position as you actually go over the vault, make sure you are driving your heels hard and fast instead and that you are keeping your chest up. Then you have to block fast of the table. I think the majority of your problem is when you come off the table you are not keeping yourself in a hollow body position, my guess is you are piked or trying to snap your chest forward, however one may think this would help it would cause you to go forward instead of the nice landing you are looking for.

~~~~~~~Alrighty, next was the squat-on. When you do a squat on a big cast is always good so we know that is not your problem :) but make sure you are leaning your shoulders over the bar so you don't fall backwards once you put your feet on. then is regards to your feet i would say even though the skill is called a "squat-on" your butt should not be near your heels, our coach actually tells us to be in more of a pike position if we can, but you don't want you butt near your heels, one because it pulls you backward and it does make it harder to get your feet on.(but it seems you got it back...good for you :D)

~~~~~~~Last but not least is the back handspring. I had the same problem with undercut back handsprings, so i know how you feel, but you will get past it i promise :) when you do your back handspring make sure you sit your butt back and that you stretch the handspring out or you will undercut. also make sure your feet are under/in-front of you after your round-off, this will help with your momentum backwards.

~~~~~~~Good luckk :D
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