Good day. New member here. I hope I can ask questions to help with my "homebased training" :-) Nice to sort of meet you all!

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Aug 7, 2020
Good day. I am a mid 30s adult trying to learn a handstand. Before I started any sort of tricks training, I made sure I was in my normal weight range. After quitting my office job this May to be with my little kid all day, my strength and cardio weekly routine took a turn for aiming for a handstand.
I started "training" in April but my handstands are still inconsistent. And then I saw this video a friend uploaded in facebook where her kid niece did a Handstand into a Bridge. I was suddenly running around in my head about how I can learn this trick and still be practicing my handstand. So after watching some youtube videos, I made a go for it on a foam matress on a rubber mat. I had been recording myself and I observed that I did not have an issue with landing my feet and keeping my hips up. The one thing I couldn't seem to figure out even after a handful of youtube videos is my arms and shoulders. My elbows would bend and my shoulder would plop down. I do believe I have sufficient mobility because I can do a bridge from the floor. Can it be a habit or a cue that I might be unaware of? Sorry I'm a socially awkward person. Thank you for any knowledge and tips you might want to share.
Not open for further replies.