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NADIA'S --- straddled press to handstand mount from straddle hold, one quarter body turn in handstand (like a pirouette) to step down scale, dance step, dance step, swinging step into gainer backhandspring step out to scale, step in, half pivet turn in releve, dance step with ankle to knee then extend, step arabesque, step inward full turn with knee at ankle, step arm pose, arm swoop down (dance), lean back dance salute, dance pose, dance pose, step half turn ankle at knee, arm pose, step front aerial walkover, step switchfoot jump, step sideward leg kick, step inward half turn ankle at knee, lean back dance pose, step step side aerial cartwheel to backhandspring step out, finish salute, step, hop together jump, baby wolf hop, hop to circling arm pose, inward half step around, standing straight pose, sit down backwards to beam, lay back pose, tuck up straight one leg pose, valdez walkover to front sit with one leg tucked under on beam one leg tucked to side, arm motion poses, jump half handstand straddle split half press, stepout, dance motion, step front kick-batme, dance motions, step with one leg bent forward at knee with ankle touching knee, extend leg, backwalkover step out to backhandspring step out to backhandspring step out, finish, leg dance pose to forward extension, step, step, split leap to ankle to knee forward pose, step, stepping half pivet turn, half body roll dance motion, arm dance motions, step with extension, step with dance, bent leg back behind dance step/pose, pose, step, step, cartwheel to double twisting layout full dismount to small hop/step thing, salute, run off mat...
Not open for further replies.