How does your gym handle meet fees & coaches expenses?

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Jan 28, 2011
At our gym, our booster club handles payment of all meet entry fees and coaches expenses. Our gym owner pays the coaches for the sessions they coach. We (the booster club) are thinking of making some modifications to how the parents pay for the meets and expenses. I would be interested in how it is handled at your gym and how well that works. I know at some gyms you pay as you sign up for meets and at other gyms you pay a set yearly or quarterly fee. I have also heard of some gyms where everyone pays the same amount and others where it is different amounts based on level. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
We pay all fees to the club. Meet fees are paid in October for all meets you are attending. Coaches fees including per diem, motel, session fees and all other fees are paid about a week before the actual meet. All gymnasts pay an equal share of fees regardless if they are going or not as long as they are not injured. Injured gymnast do not pay meet fees.
We pay the booster club. They divide it into 3 monthly payments so we have payments due in July, August and September. All fees are paid before you compete.
We pay all fees to the gym in several installments added onto our monthly tuition. This includes everything - meet fees, coaches fees and travel expenses, leos, warmups, bags etc. There is one price for compulsories and one for optionals since the meet schedules are different and the optionals travel more.
Parents pay the booster club (or fundraise the money).
The booster club pays the coaches directly for travel and food expenses.
The gym pays the coaches for session fees, but then the booster club reimburses the gym.

Basically, it is all paid from the booster club...but our session fees get taxed as a part of our normal paycheck.
ours are individual and based on what meets each gymnast plans to go to, whether they need new leos, music, choreo, etc. The total gets figured and then divided into several monthly installments. We have a separate booster club that keeps track of each girls' money (from fundraisers they participated in) and the parents ask for reimbursement as needed.
All fees are paid to the gym here. The owner in turn pays the registration fees to the host gym. Coaching fees are calculated and each girl attending the meet will pay thios amount to the gym, who in turn pays the coaches. The meet fees are payable in installments, but it varies whether the athlete is competing Provincials, Invitationals, ODP, Trampoling and Tumbling, etc. We also attend Gymnix each year (this will be dd's first year!!) which is optional for all athletes and they pay only if they attend.
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