WAG How many coaches coach your optional teams?

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Apr 26, 2017
Just looking to compare. We have 3 coaches who coach our optional teams -- but one of them coaches the boys optional teams as well - and the other two also help coach the compulsory levels and excel from time to time.....Our optional girls aren't that many -- an estimate would be 14 girls from level 6-10.
We have three coaches for 20 optional girls, but they don't all practice at the same time.
We have 2 main optional coaches for level 7-10 but they practice in 3 separate groups A, B, and C so not that many at a time.
The gym I trained at had 2 main coaches for optionals, who were the head coach and the gym owner. Plus sometimes older coaches who were semi-retired, or compulsory coaches, would cover an event here and there.
There are six coaches for the women's optional team(s), but the compulsory coaches will sometimes substitute if coaches are traveling/sick/etc.
We have 2 coaches for our 8 level 4 and up. We have nerer had more than two coaches even when we had 15+ girls
Our coaches, for the most part, coach all levels. The entire team practices at the same time (L3+ and XG/XP). We have 5-6 coaches for the team (usually... Sometimes more / sometimes less).
Depending on the day, the HC may work with any given group or she may work on one specific apparatus. It all varies.
We have 2 coaches, who are also the head coaches/owners, that only coach the level 10s. It's possible they work with the 9's sometimes, but my dd is far from that level so I'm not sure, but I know they are considered the level 10 coaches. We have 1 bars and vault coach that coaches the 7-9s. He also sometimes works with the lower levels, although that has been less and less. We have 1 beam and floor coach that only works with the 7-9s. We also have another beam and floor coach that is a new, just out of college, former gymnast that has been working with the 7s, So, I guess 5 coaches that work with the optionals. We also have 2 coaches that do levels 3-5, although they sometimes help with the 7s and another coach that does the level 2s. I think we have in the neighborhood of 45-50 total optionals.
We have 5 optional coaches. Two of them also work some with the compulsory kiddos.
Unless we have lots of newbies or lots of retirees, we should have 50 Optionals next season.
Actually I take that back, I think they all end up working some with the compulsory kids at some point each week, too.
We have 4 coaches that coach our entire optionals team (50 or so girls). The level 9s and 10s are strictly coached by the gym owners (husband/wife team).
5 coaches for L6-10 plus national stream Total 37 girls. We don't do Levels 1-5, until they are ready for L6 or National stream they don't compete. I think there are about 25 girls who are pre-team, and 4 coaches for them. ratio depending on the group from 1:3 - 1:7
3 coaches for optional L6- currently 8, not sure if our 8 will move to 9 next year. About 15 girls.
There are never enough! Bwahahaha....
In all seriousness, you can never have enough optional coaches. The more attention they get, the better. I consider my child lucky to have 3.
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