Inflamed patellar tendon?

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I've just gone back to gymnastics after many years of not doing sports at all (I'm 23). Obviously, during these few months I've mainly injured myself.
My latest one is what seems to be an inflamed patellar/quadriceps tendon (the pain travels from below the knee to above the knee), which my physiotherapist claims is due to overuse.
So I've been keeping it easy, just doing bars- where I barely have to jump (only to get on the bar). However, my knee pain is not going away, and it might even be getting a bit worse.

Has anyone ever had to deal with such things? Should I just stay in bed for a week and hope it passes? Heat? Ice? Amputate? It's driving me insane, I'm dying to get back on floor.

Thanks :)

You probably need a rehab programme from a PT, that combined with R.I.C.E. ( Rest Ice Compress Elevate) These injuries take a while to heal and you need to strengthen your legs so they can tolerate increased impact.

Good luck, take it easy.
If you are resting it and it is getting worse, you need to go back to the doctor. If it is truly an overuse injury you would start to get some relief with rest.
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