Knee Injury .. help!

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I injured my knee last Friday by back handspringing into my friends face.. shes alright but my knee really hurt, i couldn't even walk.
It's a little better now i went on my tramp before to try and warm it up becasue i have practice in 5 hours. I could do back flips and back handsprings but cart wheels hurt.
I can kneel down and stuff but when i try to straighten it out it hurts.

Ever had this happen to you ? Know what is wrong with my knee? What can i do to help it ?

Please answer its my first level 4 state training tonight.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I am not sure what is wrong with it. At practice, you should probably talk to your coach about it. I would not tumble, and try to stay off of it. Do a lot of bars at practice and maybe dance...but I would give it a chance to heal first!


Oh my goodness! I feel so sorry for you! I know how excited you were to start your L4 comp. Definitely go anyway! But tell your coaches (are they new?) that your knee really hurts and you'll probably do lots of strength, bars, and tramp. Is it your good leg?
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