For Parents Little Monkey First Level 6 Sectional

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Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
It was a long day, report time was 4:45pm. LM was by herself but ended up in a squad with one of her former teammates and best buddies. Afterwards she told me she likes competing alone, it helps her stay focused, lol. She had her favorite coach and that was all she needed. Another former coach works at the gym where the meet was held, and she had a nice chat with him since he was the bar timer. The only thing that threw her a bit was that another former coach was the bar judge.

First up - bars: warmups - she fell on each squat on but got up and did the rest of the routine. True to form, she fell during the routine but the rest of it looked decent. 7.825 - no placement.

Beam - BWO was SOLID during warmups. Competition - a fall but she had both feet on the beam this time before she fell so she only lost 0.5 for the fall - 8.775 - 3rd place

FX - Gotta get lower on that split and also her split jump was not good enough - judge told coach that was 0.5 deduction. Her legs came apart during the back extension roll. 9.05 - 3rd place

Vault - 9.025

AA 34.675 for 3rd place and qualified for States. Second place AA was 34.7...pretty close. First place was 37.xx (can't remember exactly). I think there were 10 in her age group.

I'll try to get the video on sometime this wk.
Feb 26, 2007
What a great AA score and with two falls. To place on beam was wonderful, glad she manged to get both feet on that really does make a big difference.

I like that the judge gave some feedback, it will give the coach something focus on.

Congrats on making States.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Congrats to her! Must've been hard having a former coach be the bar judge, how weird. She is doing very well this season. L6 is really tough. Her beam will be in the 9s when she lands that tricky BWO! :) Great floor score considering she got a big deduction, too. And a 9 on vault at L6 is awesome! When she starts hitting it all, she is going to just rock. Good for her! 34rd AA is great and she qualified, so that is out of the way, now she can just relax and do her best at meets not worrying about qualifying. So glad we don't have qualifiers here. :)


The video was good! She did really well. If she improves her splits her backwalkover will be easier too. Splits is the easiest thing to improve. 3 minutes each side twice a day with her front foot on a small stool. Just make sure her hips are square and her back knee is under, front foot turned out, tummy pulled up straight. It is the one thing kids can do at home that makes all the difference. She will be down in a week.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Good job LM!!! Unfortunately, I can't watch the video right now, but hopefully will get to it later. Now she can enjoy the rest of the season and get ready for States.... :D


Way to go Little Monkey! I also love when the judges give feedback, gives you the chance to correct before next meet. We sometimes have a past coach judging at meets too. My daughter likes to see her but sometimes I think it adds that bit of extra pressure. Good luck at States!
Sep 9, 2008
WOW! Little Monkey was awesome! Her routines are fabulous! Once she tweeks those few...very few, little things, she is going to be seeing a lot of podium time! Her bars are awesome! Love her form on everything! How old is LM? She is a powerful little thing. Congrats on a great first meet!:)


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Gymnut - thanks for the tips about the splits :)

Shari - LM turned 9 at the end of July.

Re: the feedback from the judges, that is why we LOVE this coach, he knows to ask. He is very experienced and constantly corrects the girls throughout the warmups/meets and will ask for feedback from judges.


Congrats to her!!! Nice that the judges will give feedback--some of ours won't, even if the coaches ask. Actually--I think it depends on HOW they ask too.
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