LSU Purple and Gold Meet-what an experience

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Jan 1, 2010
I posted about the actual weekend on the parent section but thought I would say some stuff here. :)

What a great experience and well run meet!
The judges were amazing. They smiled at all the girls and didn't look all sour like the ones in our home state do most of the time. :) They interacted with the coaches. Would talk to them about the girls. We were remembered from a meet in Jan in the same state and told the girls had a come a long way.

The college girls were working the meet. They helped move mats and were just there helping out with the girls. The little girls were so excited to see them esp since they saw them compete Friday night.

The LSU head coach was there. She was talking to the coaches. She was friendly all weekend to the little gymnasts. She is very nice and so personable. She took pics with the girls and spoke to each one. The assisant coaches were there as well with LSU rec team for girls.

The venue was very nice. It was at the convention center. Plenty of seating and lots of room. The equipment was nice.

The competition was from all over the south. From Florida to Texas. It was amazing.

This meet was what your ideal gymnastics meet should be. A great positive experience for all! The medal were very pretty. Team awards were banners and plaques. All the girls who were there left happy and are now LSU fans. Mission accomplished! LOL
Not open for further replies.