Parents Medium Bogwoppits 2nd meet

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Ah the travel meet. That was so much fun, meals out with the coach, the girls and the parents. Checking out the ice sculptures in the nations capital, the girls in the pool. All good.

Then the meet. DD has been coming back from injury for a long time, keeps hitting road blocks, but she has worked hard this last week. Her last comp in Dec was a splat fest and she was very demoralised. This one it all started to come together for her.

Floor 11.75 First time with any kind of tumbling, she was very happy
Beam 10.95 her handstand was disallowed, but she got 10.95 and 6th place
Bars 11.00 Not bad at all, it flowed for her and she got an 8th place
Vault 11.35 Big improvement and her coach said she knows it can be even better next time, technique has improved.

Coach thinks she got about 10th overall, DD was so very happy, she mades goals for the comp

Not falling off beam, doing tumbling, linking beam together and seeing her toes off the vault! She acheived them all and that was awesome, to get a ribbon or two was the icing on the cake.

Her next meet is on the 29th at the Gymnix comp, we get to see all the future Olympians there too!
YAY! That's great. She should be proud of her improvements. It's so nice that she can see th results of her hard work.

I'm impressed that she sets goals for herself. I asked my daughter if she had any goals for her next competition (right after her last) and she said no, I'm just going to do my best, if I set goals, I put pressure on myself. I couldn't really argue with her.

I'd love to see video if you taped it.
Congratulations on your dd's great meet:)
I am so happy for her being able to tumble again too.
I have Emily set goals every meet too. It really gets her mind focused a bit more and she is so excited if she actually reaches those goals too.
Good luck at the next meet.
We have another home meet that weekend too.
Congratulations to your dd on a good meet! Those are some great goals and it's wonderful that she achieved them. My DD had wanted to get two 9s and two 8s at this last meet but wound up with 3 8s and 1 9. I think that focusing on things like not falling off the beam are much better than trying for particular scores. Anyway, great job!

Yes, we worked out that goals have to be things that you are in control of, not intangibles like scores or medals. As you know an 8.9 at one meet is a gold medal and at the next meet it's not even top ten. Then there are the judges, sometimes they do funny things. With the goals she sets, she knows that they are all within her control, and therefore they are attainable. Of course she has learned to be more sensible about her goals as she has aged.

Also her goals cannot involve someone else doing badly, we say that we want everyone to be their best and for her to reach her goals too, that way it remains all about her and not another child's meet.

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