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Beetle competed at the same meet as Gym Monkey's Mom and CathiAnn's DD's.. We might not go back next year. Have you ever been to a meet where the host team's girls are the ones doing all the winning? That was our experience.. Beetle didn’t do well enough to be on top of the podium (well except maybe on floor) but it was just interesting to watch the scores... I'm not sayin... I might just be sayin......

Anyway.. after paying our $10 per person to watch our kiddos (without a chair to sit on,, mind you..) She started on beam AGAIN! We have done 6 meets, she started on beam in 4 of them.. Jeez...

She started out and BOOM Nailed her connection YIPPEE.. then had a couple little wobbles, then wobbled during a jump connection.. but everything else looked good.. Start Value was s 9.7 for lack of a B skill...and she only scored a 8.025.. we were a little surprised, but oh well - on to the next event.

Floor, she has really come into her own on floor..she is really confident, clean and has nice presentation... normally our team scores in the 9's (across all levels...) This meet (the entire meet.... ) only 3 girls scored a 9.. and Beetle was one of them! Whoo hoo. Floor 9.05...

Vault.. same vault.. same score. 8.35.. she is so consistent.. 3 meets in a row.. same score.

finally bars.. She was working so hard this week. She had a great routine (for her..) She did a clear hip to almost handstand! WOO HOO.. then nailed her cast on high bar. She still does a weird thing with her knee on her giants but got a score of 8.3. .. Funny thing.. her teammate and BFF who normally scores a half point higher than her got the same score as Beetle.

AA 33.7.. down almost a point from her last meet but higher than 2 meets ago. She did come home with a medal on Floor..

This weekend she is competing in Milwaukee at the Harley Davidson meet. and I am not going *Cries* I have never missed a meet until now but my middle DD is doing a solo in her dance recital on Saturday night.. So Beetle and her Dad are heading to WI by themselves. I dont know who I am reassuring more that everything is going to be fine... DH or DD... but I think it is important for dad's to do things with their daughters.. especially at 13.. right? And I am really excited to watch my middle DD, Bug do what she does well..
I hear you on the host gym scoring. We are headed to a meet this weekend where the same thing usually happens. I'll have to let you know how it goes.

It sounds like she is improving all the time on bars. That's great. I hate trying to figure out scoring.

I think it's great her dad is taking her. I don't know if I'd trust mine. I'd have to tell him it started about 45 minutes earlier just to get him there on time. Then, the hair, I don't even want to picture it. At 11, sometimes my DD idea of a hairstyle is just wrong. I was in a competitive marching band and my dad was the one who always went to see us. I think that's great.

Plus, I always hear from moms how their DD always seems to be best when they miss it! Who knows . . .
If you are suggesting that there is some kind of bias on the part of the judges, then I would have to disagree. In my experience (and that is 10 years of going to meets) I have rarely, if ever, experienced what I thought might be unfair judging. I can't say that I have come to understand how the judges think, but I do not question their integrity or impartiality.

However, in all sports there is a home team advantage, and I have seen it in gymnastics many times. Any number of times my dd will say after a meet that the floor was too hard or too soft, the bars or beam were slippery or different that normal, etc. Competing in your home environment on familiar equipment is a huge advantage, and if the other teams have to travel to attend this meet it is even more so. Any kind of travel is tiring, especially if it invoves jet lag and/or time zone changes. Plus the excitement of new places, experiences, food, etc., all adds up to more advantage for the home team.

By the way - $10 is about what I normally pay for admission but I do expect a place to sit for that!
Congrats to Beetle for medalling on floor - to be one of the few girls to get a 9, that is a huge accomplishment.

GL to her at the Harley Davidson meet. I hope she has a fun time with Dad, I'm sure they will both enjoy themselves.

Hope middle dd's dance solo is spot on.
Sounds like she had some good moments there, which to me is more important than the bling. Nice that the bars is coming together. That is a very nice AA score.

The judging thing, hmm I have seen it once, the judge came with her team. our girls all got a point less then usual on every floor routine, we had 10 girls, the other 25 girls in the flight had no difference at all. Keep in mind in our 3 meets we always compete against the same clubs and girls, the onl;y difference was the judge. Otherwise I would agree with gymdad2, it is not seen, except......

It'll be a fun Dad DD bonding time in WI, hopefully he can do hair or she is old enough that she doesn't care!
I was also at this meet and agree with Kristi the venue was not good but, we were there at night and it got dark in this facility.

We also paid $10 a person to get in and NO place to sit so we stood the whole 3 1/2 hours of meet and could NOT see most of the time. DH complained to those running the meet and they said its about the kids and fundraising anyways. This is true he said "....but I can't see mine." I was very displeased with this clubs flippant attitude for those attending the meet.

DD has been competing for 6 years and this is only the 2nd worst venue we have been in. The other was a host gym. This btw was at a college facility (not the hosts club's gym) and the venue was moved from a bigger loction to this one.

The judging for us seemed fair but over all scores were low and we have seen all these clubs before. We did get the judges scores and on one event the judges for DD were way apart.

I have already discussed with the coach about not attending this event again. BTW MN has a lot of judges who also have teams and over all it seems fine. There is however some bias by a few judges I h ave seen it time and time again and out of state clubs have commented on it. But as i tell DD life is never fair so you need to accept this fact.

DH and DD will do greaat at harley i am so sad we went to salto and not this meet next year I am pushing for this meet. I love the venue it is one of the best!!!
I'm glad for Gymdad2 that he hasn't encountered unfair scoring, but I would have to agree on the gym scoring. We were at a meet a few weeks ago where the host gym was scoring extremely high in comparison to the rest of the teams. This was only happening on floor, the rest of the meet was fair. But the floor scoring was VERY blatant. Out of 5 girls on team, 4 get solid 9s (usually) and at this meet, the highest they recieved was an 8.8 rest were low 8s. Then host gym is up. Sloppy! Don't make all the skills and get 9.1, 9.4, etc. I don't mind when judges score low, just make it low across the board. When it's equal to all, lower than norm scores are easier to accept.

I can't believe that they had no seating! Rude of the host gym to think that you'd want to stand the entire time.
Oh yeah they did have seating but only enough for about half the people at the meet. They must have known this is not ther first meet. They run 2 big meets a year
Yep, I have seen that too with scoring. Not every meet, but I really do think it happens. I also agree with "home team advantage" though. That can make a big difference.

Sounds like a good meet. Way to go on floor! Awesome! Great AA too. Good luck with up-coming meets.

And I know what you mean about the hair. There is no way in the natural world my husband could EVER do our daughter's hair! I have never missed a meet but if I ever do, I have instructed him to call on on the other moms at gym! We are all on stand-by for each other!
I am not one to look at all the other scores when the meet goes on, but I do know we have competed against this team a couple times and our girls normally score right up next to them.. this meet was different, and I guess what made me really think about it is that this has happened a few years in a row.. but oh well.. it isn't about what the other girls do.. it is only about what Beetle does and she did great..

And yes.. The Hair.. that is Beetle's main concern.. luckily I have booked DH and Beetle at the same hotel as a couple other mom's.. they have already offered to help with hair.

Oh she is also worried about the 5 hour drive and 'what are we going to talk about?' and 'is there ANY Music we can agree on?' LOL I will be curious to see how this weekend turns out...

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