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Dec 21, 2008
So for anyone curious about this past meet at the dells, for AAU, I got a 9.125 on floor (my first 9.0!!), first on that, a 7.45 on bars (fell 3 times lol, but made my connection to the high bar, AND stuck my landing), first on that, a 7.5 on beam, fell three times as well (it was funny, I fell on my full turn-not shocked, fell on my cartwheel-not shocked. Fell on a jump. REALLY?? lol. I was laughing when I got back on the beam cause I was just like, REALLY? Did I really just fall on a JUMP??!!! ), however, I stuck my dismount. And a 6.9 on vault. Fell on the first one ( just started doing the FHS vault, first time competing on the air board, and freaked out, it was a day of falling) and totally balked on the second one. So I got second all around (only me and one other in the novice division). But super proud of myself for just going and DOING it. Wasn't as prepared as I probably could have been, but I will be next time. And I had a great time.
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