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Off later this morning to another meet for DD (Level 10). This one is very small. Hopefully a ocnfidence builder before BIG meet next weekend and then State. After the optional session, I am going to stay and practice judge the compulsory competition as I build up my judging skills (hoping to get REAL meets next season.)


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
good luck to DD.

my dd goes tomorrow @ noon. I am hoping for an ok meet. She missed a whole week of practice (not this week but the one before) due to illness, and her practice meet did not go very well last night.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
DD had a rough meet as expected - she still has not bounced all the way back from her bout w/ the flu. She missed an entire week of gym and lost 2.5lbs.

Floor 8.85 - a personal best - did not place
Vault 8.65 - did not place
Beam 7.825 - rocked the handstand it was amazing, then fell on split leap.
Bars 6.6 - personal worst - did two back hip circles - went so fast around that she kept going.

AA - 31.925 - 6th place (out of 6)

she gets another chance next Sunday. Hopefully she will be back to her old self by then. She did have a good time, that is the important part.:)
Jul 12, 2007

your dd did great especially for coming back from being sick - what a trooper! She should be very proud of herself:)
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Congrats on her personal best on floor:) WAy to tumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwwwww on beam and that blast split leap but still a pretty good score:)
Bars... 2 back hip circles while in meets are bad are a good practice drill for the level 5 back hip circle to dismount. Our girls sometimes have to do this drill when they do stations.....
Emily had a meet last year that her personal worst on bars was 6.3 and really it wasn't that bad... sometimes it is just the judges and combined with a fall.
Sounds like she had some good with some not so good but not really that bad:) Way to go:)
Good luck next week at your next meet and hopefully she will get some of her strength back.
We had 4 girls out today due to illness at our meet too and some who were competing still a little under the weather.
There is just so much yuckos floating around... poor girls:(
Nov 9, 2007
Must have been one of those challenging weekends, because Cate had a rough meet today as well. It seemed like the vault judges hated us, lol. It probably didn't help that our coach yelled at them after the first 3 girls vaulted. Our team normally scores well on vault at all levels, and we couldn't do anything right for those judges today.

Cates scores:

Vault 8.3
Floor 9.15
bars 8.1 (yeah an 8)
beam 9.050

AA 34.6

I was so happy though she finally made the connectionon on bars, kip,cast squat-on and she was so proud, as was I. It wasn't a big score, but so important to her confidence. What a great day for that alone. On beam she was headed for a great score but that darn full turn caused a HUGE bobble, I can't believe she stayed on the beam. Her coach told her he was so proud that she hung on and didn't quit, and stayed on the beam. I could have hugged him when she told me what he said. He can be tough at times, but sometimes the caring and appreciation for how hard the girls work, really shines through. What more could a parent ask for. So if the was ever a meet that we made lemonade out of lemons, this was it! And I was so proud of all the girls, it was a rough meet for most but still managed to place 3rd as a team.

Cate and her sister have the flu tonight, both running high fevers, and states are next weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for her. I hope that she will be able to feel her best by next weekend, she has worked so hard this year. And yes Ingymmom I saw your girls at the meet. I didn't notice how they scored but they were just so cute and flexible.
Jul 12, 2007
wow catesmom! what a crazy bar score!!! we got some weird scores for our 5's as well on Friday for v... & I know our L8 in todays later session was scored low on v for her as well (but she took 2nd so I guess they were just scoring low all around).... most of the time it seemed as if the judges were not really watching which was odd, but I still think it is so interesting to see how different judges score. I swear that they got a couple of girls mixed up though - yikes:confused:! It actually turned out to be a much tougher meet then what I initially thought.

ugh! I hate to hear that cate ended up w/the flu on a meet day, it could have really affected her overall confidence.... BUT a huge congrats to her on her bar connection... it just goes to show how little scores really do mean, as they can vary so drastically.... Good luck at states to cate - I hope she is feeling better...

I don't know our 6's scores either, but I heard the little one placed 2nd in her age division. & our oldest gymmie was the ONLY girl in her age group, so I guess that means she got 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, & 1st :D which is great for her because she has been terribly sick as well over the last 5 or 6 weeks:(


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
the illnesses must be going around. my 5 year old old has been sick and is just getting better. hope everyone that is sick gets well soon.

and great job to all the girls that competed this weekend, it seems like it can be tough sometimes and they are all such troopers! i can't imagine doing anything physical while sick and am sure that gymnastics would do me in even when i am well. they are awesome girls. has to be hard dealing with variations in judging as well, yet they keep going. :D
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