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blackie - I was so into making that montage EVERYTHING around me suffered for a few days - it WAS a lot fun to learn though.... I can't wait to start for my boys now too, but it is just so time consuming... I think/hope it will be a little easier now that I have labeled better LOL, now I just need to worry about space on the pc:p

my dd's coaches said her reason for the curve was due to not realizing the proper muscles to use to stay straight & worked a lot with her on a lot of laying down drills where she would learn to squeeze certain parts at a time and I think they would press softly on her lower back and have her press back. I read you can have them do hs's against the wall, hands as close as possible w/back pressed against the wall as well... I am not sure how that works though. I really had the coaches work on it and stayed out of it, because I did not want to do anything counter productive... and oh my gosh it has improved SO much... she still arches sometimes maybe due to lack of concentration or just messing around etc. but I can tell the difference - I am sure maturity and concentration have something to do with it as well because more of the younger girls I have seen seem to have this same problem - I am guessing it is pretty common... I love the drive in our little ones :D - the smiles when they accomplish something new is priceless!!!:heartbeat:
Blackie, I'm like you - I have zero time to play around with the video tapes. I need a video camcorder that I can just plug into my computer somehow and upload the videos. My camcorder is so old - I think we got it when DS was 1 - so that is 7 years ago.

My 5 yo DD is sometimes archy in her handstands but she is getting much better about staying straight. I hear what you are saying about them staying up longer sometimes when they are very archy, but in the long run they need to be slightly hollow to really be able to hold that handstand for more than just a few seconds. They work on this when they do spiderwalks and also when they do handstands against the wall. I think having strong abs also helps them to stay straighter. I've noticed that the strong my DD's abs get, the straighter her handstands.

The videos are awesome!! She looks like she is an extremely hard worker. I hope that you will keep sharing your videos and other parents will do the same, that is what this forum is all about.
The videos are outstanding.:)

This is the parent forum. If parents want coaching advice, they should ask in the coaches forum (which they did not). In other words, this is not a place for coaches (unless you have a child of your own).

Gymnastics is NOT perfect handstands and back handsprings. 99% of the gymnasts in the world do NOT compete. A sport that only perfect people can do is not a sport at all.

My oldest daughter is 2. She will not have a back handspring for several years. When she gets it...I will be thrilled if it is as good as the video.
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Wow, that is awesome that she can do that at 5 years old. My 9 year old can't even do that. So, I am surely impressed and can imagine she can do that so young.

Can't wait to see more of your dd.
WOW. My dd didn't even know what a press handstand was at 5yr. let alone be able to have the body awareness to teach herself. She is 9 yrs now and is working these skills in her gym program. So your dd is way ahead of the curve. But besides all that she is adorable and seems to be loving what she is doing.:D And let's be honest I wish I could do that!!!!lol!!!
I think they all seem to catch up to each other at some point, but it is cute for now:p...

And let's be honest I wish I could do that!!!!lol!!!

ummm, yes, I can't even lift my feet off of the ground in a straddle LOL. In fact I did a fwd roll the other day - my son is challenging me to learn a front tuck on the tramp, and have to start somewhere - I practically saw stars LOLOLOL... I think I have a ways to go, but I am determined to meet his challenge:D
I didn't even know what press handstand was, let alone my dd. She has to do the straddle, if that is what you call it, as a start on beam next season though, she needs to start practising that here at home.
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