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Just came across this post today. I'm so glad that Cait is on the mend already! What a worrisome few days. I know that she has worked so hard for this opportunity and it would've been such a shame for her to miss out.

Sending some healing fairies her way so that she is completely recovered in time for the trip. Good luck Cait!

Good luck to the other kids with their Aristocats performance.
Good luck to the other kids with their Aristocats performance.

Thanks, the kids are excited for this as well.... Plus 2 days after we get back from Houston, we are in Disney World, Universal Studios, Amelia Island, etc.... for 10 days. I think everybody is looking forward to the break and some fun..

Then Cait has two weeks before her first meet of the season...


P.S. we are still a little anxious to see how her foot reacts to tomorrow's practice. Hopefully she is able to get some floor and beam work in...:beam::floor:
Bean will be so happy to hear that Cait's on the mend. She was horrified by the situation. These girls are extremely understanding, I think they all recognize how many factors are at play for success.

It's so great that some of our girls get involved on here through us. Tell Bean thanks from Cait...

Hey Iggy, first I just want to say that I'm sorry to hear the badly-timed mishap. It just goes to show us even with this intensive sport they practice day in and day out, injuries still come at the most unexpected and the lamest moments.

NOW, don't you panic! Other than taking your child to the doc and have the injury treated (which you've done), there isn't anything else you can do as far as the injury goes. Just sit tight and wait it out. Try to get your mind and hers off the injury so you're not stressing yourselves out (too much). Have her practice what she can without pushing the situation and risking more injuries. If not, so be it and she can try for next year (if I recall correctly she is still eligible)! I, like CGM, also think things happen for a reason. Or, if you are not a believer of that, believe that sometimes things just happen.

The good thing is that if it's a mild sprain, she should be able to recover before your trip to Houston. Optimistically speaking, she might even have a couple of days of full practice before you go.

Best of luck to you guys!
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So sorry that Cait was hurt! I am glad to hear it is only a mild sprain! My step-daughter has broken her collar bone twice in 8 months and had to sit out gym for weeks each time. What was hard on her was that we didn't just stay home from gym that whole time because my daughter is also on the team and continued to go to practice so step DD had to sit by and watch her team mates do what she wanted to do. She didn't want to stay home though.

I can't wait to hear how she does in Houston! Again, so glad that she is okay! :)
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