New member! Hello! Can someone help me understand some specifics around meet directing?

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Nov 18, 2018
I have two step children that are highly competitive gymnasts. The one thing I learned very rapidly is that gymnastics has its own ecosystem and politics. It's different, than say, soccer.

At this moment, I am trying to learn about some of the requirements, without stepping on actual parent's toes.

I am wondering how a meet director is elected/chosen. I understand for sanctioned events, the meet director has to have a USAG professional membership and have meet directing certification. Everything I have read says the hosting gym would choose? Often, it's the owner or the coach, as certain safety certifications are required. I am aware for sanctioned meets, meet director(s) will be named. (I am also aware some of the men's disciplines don't require meet director certification.)

Do parents end up spending a lot out of their own pockets when meet directing? (I am not talking out our personal fees for our children to compete.)

Without getting into too much background, is it possible for a meet director to have expenses reaching an annual cost of over 40k for meets - coming out of their own pocket? I know meet directing is sometimes fully volunteer, like, don't direct a meet if you're expecting to make real money. This person explained that it cost them personally over 40k in expenses this year, to direct meets, and that seems a bit high to me? Are staff reimbursed? If a company is contracted to direct a meet, I assume they would be paid? I want to help, but, I also don't want to call someone out who has been involved in this world for over 15 years. I fear they may be trying to keep me out, though I have certain skills that would be extremely helpful.

Appreciate thoughts and feedback! TIA.

P.S. is there a way to find out who directed some of the former meets? I found the "current sanctions" sections on USAG, but is there an archive for earlier meets?
Not open for further replies.