NCAA Nya Reed Gets Her Wish (Perfect 10)!

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Proud Parent
Aug 7, 2018
I was there, it was loud and crazy when that score came up, and even louder for Trinity. Shout out to Luisa Blanco for staying locked in and perfect for her beam with all that noise. She is a special one for sure. Bama was very classy and having fun with the whole environment, they even moved to the floor to watch Trinity on her floor routine and when she was done, several of them were making the "prayer/bow down to greatness" gesture to her. Fun!

The NCAA gymnastics this year seems particularly strong already. A lot of solid teams out there doing some really good work. Should be a fun season to watch and follow.

rlm's mom

Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2021
Watched that too! I don't think either one deserved a 10 but I'm happy for them!
Don't forget Trinity's vault. That was truly 10.0 worthy
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