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Proud Parent
Jul 12, 2016
Do you have a group list serve/email list or a facebook group? That's how our team parents have been making plans. We don't tend to do dinner, etc together except in small groups of 2-3 families (we have a large team). But we do plan outings for the girls like for the Kellog's tour or to meet up at a collegiate gym meet, etc. We also plan team gifts for coaches weddings/babies, etc that way, share pics from meets (not of routines but of girls hugging, goofing around etc), arrange carpools, and share info that some of the internet savvy parents figure out about meet schedules, hotels, etc. Honestly, though, I think that without the FB page, i wouldn't even know which parent belonged to which kid or the parents' names bc there are 3 practice groups and most of us don't stay.

That said, I have been the most frequent coordinator of the plans - for a reason. My kid was the youngest and newest on the team last year and I started planning events to make sure that she felt involved and well connected to her teammates. It earned me the unfortunate name of "team mom" but truth is that I don't mind the expectation to coordinate the fun events.

We try to sit near each other at meets but like another poster replied, it's hard if it isn't the 1st session. We ALWAYS cheer for everyone's kids and always feel hurt when someone falls, crashes, etc. That's just crazy not to.

Maybe try to be the coordinator. And know that the first few times the event may flop, but eventually it will catch on. One parent hosted an olympic viewing party, one coordinated the team to join a race supporting a non-profit started by one of the coaches as a surprise to her, I did the Kelloggs and two D1 college meets... just for some ideas.
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Proud Parent
Oct 20, 2013
Thanks for all of the replies!

I think it's likely a combination of things. The Gym culture isn't great. There's been some unrest about coach turnover in the last year. Compulsory season ended about a month ago and we've had a number of girls leave. We are in optionals now, but I still think that plays into it.

I have tried to be the coordinator of events, but have to make sure I don't step on the official team level mom's toes with that. But I haven't gotten very far.
For our next meet I've reached out to a few moms on a different level because I know them better and our sessions work that we can do dinner out or something. But I tried with DDs level first- nada.

And to be clear- these are all travel meets. We only have one meet in state so it's not like everyone is getting back in the car to drive home. That I would get. I'm the same.

And do get sometimes crowds are overwhelming or a parent is stressed or whatever. Maybe that is some of this.

I'll keep cheering for all, being friendly to all, and maybe by the time we reach states things will be better.


Proud Parent
Dec 27, 2016
I can understand the parents being preoccupied and not super chatty. I think the only thing that really rubs me the wrong way is not cheering for other girls on the team. That's modeling good sportsmanship and part of the reason of being in a sport.
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