[Poll: VOTE NOW] What items below are most important to you as gymnastics clubs reopen?

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What items below are most important to you as gymnastics clubs reopen? (Anonymous Poll)

  • Follow State & Federal guidelines

    Votes: 118 54.4%
  • Initial opening with small groups of 10 or less

    Votes: 136 62.7%
  • Following social distancing guidelines (6+ feet) with stations / drills

    Votes: 99 45.6%
  • Frequent hand washing for the gymnasts and coaches

    Votes: 149 68.7%
  • Wiping down equipment after each use

    Votes: 107 49.3%
  • Masks for coaches / employees

    Votes: 67 30.9%
  • Masks for parents / viewers

    Votes: 60 27.6%
  • Masks for athletes (could potentially lead to a lack of oxygen while working out)

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • Shorter workout times

    Votes: 56 25.8%
  • Screen for temperature/fever/symptoms at door

    Votes: 116 53.5%
  • Hand sanitizing before each event

    Votes: 118 54.4%
  • Consider some training outside (i.e. conditioning)

    Votes: 80 36.9%
  • Starting up with basics and conditioning so there will be no need to spot

    Votes: 82 37.8%
  • Each athlete will have their own chalk block kept in a Ziploc bag

    Votes: 89 41.0%
  • Each athlete will have their own spray bottle for water

    Votes: 65 30.0%
  • Leave shoes at the door or in a bag

    Votes: 46 21.2%
  • Cameras with login for parents to see from outside of the facility

    Votes: 50 23.0%
  • No people allowed in that are coughing

    Votes: 108 49.8%
  • Stagger workout times

    Votes: 114 52.5%
  • Stagger break times (or if practice short enough no break to limit congregating)

    Votes: 69 31.8%
  • Consider supplementing in person training with online training

    Votes: 50 23.0%
  • Encourage parents to not congregate

    Votes: 100 46.1%
  • Do not allow older coaches or staff with pre-existing health conditions to work initially

    Votes: 54 24.9%
  • Limit parents

    Votes: 115 53.0%
  • Place parent viewing seating at appropriate social distancing lengths

    Votes: 48 22.1%
  • Extra hand sanitizing stations at entrance... parent viewing... in gym... etc

    Votes: 101 46.5%
  • One way traffic as much as possible (an "in" door and an "out" door)

    Votes: 56 25.8%
  • Consider “keep team healthy” policies (credits for missed classes due to illness)

    Votes: 75 34.6%
  • Nightly equipment cleaning of high touch surfaces

    Votes: 134 61.8%
  • Leave gymnast supplies in the car between practices

    Votes: 32 14.7%
  • Gymnast assigned a balance beam / drill / piece of equipment that only they use... then wipe down

    Votes: 57 26.3%
  • One at a time in the bathroom... surfaces cleaned after use

    Votes: 49 22.6%
  • No use of foam pit or put mat on top of pit that can be cleaned

    Votes: 80 36.9%
  • No locker use... they are too close together

    Votes: 41 18.9%
  • No water fountain use

    Votes: 86 39.6%
  • Sign in board at front of gym

    Votes: 21 9.7%
  • Workout groups will be quarantined from gym for 14 days if anyone in group tests positive for COVID

    Votes: 97 44.7%
  • Eliminate contracts and attendance requirements

    Votes: 57 26.3%
  • Far-UVC lights

    Votes: 11 5.1%
  • Nothing makes me feel safer

    Votes: 18 8.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Here is the poll from the other thread... please take your time and select what makes you feel safer. There is an option for "Nothing makes me feel safer" at the bottom. This poll is "anonymous"... so others cannot see what you selected or who voted. The poll will be open for one week.

Results will be available after voting... or after the poll closes.

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Don't forget to vote on this poll. Remember... "public perception" will play a part as the world starts to reopen. Polls like this can help people understand what others are thinking... which is good. And remember... this is an anonymous poll.

If you would like to add ideas... here is the original thread that this came from...

If you want to talk about what next season will look like...

If you just want to talk about the pandemic...

If you just want to talk about gymnastics... well... start a thread... gymnastics would be good right about now.
If you would like to discuss the actual poll... please go to the following thread...

All discussion here will be moved there or to the first link in this post.
Don't forget to vote this if you have not already. I can tell you that this thread is helping gymnastics.
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