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May 11, 2020
So funny- I’m in the UK and it’s completely different. Much more of a “team” feeling and the parents have a group chat and help each other out a lot. Coaches are friendlier and there’s more transparency on what you need to be in which team and why a kids isn’t. Money is about half of what gym cost, for similar hours.

I haven’t been to any real comps as she’s only been on team this season, but hair is a simple pony, makeup is subtle apart from the red lip gloss, and the competition uniform cost me £40 instead of the £140 competition leotard! There isn’t the complicated hairstyles and plaits, no glitter spray or hand washing swarovski crystal encrusted leo’s...

I agree with the overnight travel, but we are used to that with dd1, so it’s actually quite nice for dd2 that she will get to go on trips with her team, and even abroad. Rather than the drive to some freezing local gym for the day...
Did your DD decide to quit gym?


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Aug 17, 2011
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Did your DD decide to quit gym?

yes, i explained in my first post on this thread. We were going to keep it up, but the gym wouldn’t let her drop to a 2 or 3x a week squad, and would only offer an elite place...


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Jan 31, 2008
If I was in the OP's position I would allow my daughter the option of skipping the odd practice to socialize with friends. If she chose not to, well its her choice, and probably easier to accept her own choice. If she takes the option infrequently then coaches might get upset but it keeps the kid in the sport even if progress is not their ideal. If she takes the option and wants to do it more often then you know where her heart is, and it's not the gym anymore.