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Bog put up a sticky in the Gymnasts forum to say that parents and coaches etc should not post in that forum.

For me, I think the "temptation " to post in other forums comes from using the Today's Post feature - I love this and use it a lot to see what is being said since I last logged in. However, when you have opened a new post, the forum in which it resides is on the screen high up above the advertising. Just a suggestion, but perhaps if the forum name was moved down and a bit more visible (colourful) above the postings of the individual messages relating to the topic, then we might be less likely to post in a forum which is not meant for us.

What do you think Bog?

Bless you for all that you do in this community!!!
Feb 26, 2007
Not a bad idea, I am sure JBS will check it out. I usually click on the NEW POSTS to see what's been happeining, I suppose because I need to read a lot of posts it works well for me.

The sticky is at the head of all our special user forums, it keeps the parents, coaches and gymnasts forums just for them. We can all share together in all the other forums.

Though I know that things can be moved around a bit, some things just are where they are. Always good to check before you post, it is possible to copy an interesting topic into a second forum to enable another group to commnet. You can always recreate the post or just add a link.
Jul 12, 2007
I have accidentally posted in the incorrect forum a few times (by just following recent posts) but it will always tell me I am not allowed - how come other are not blocked this way as well?


Jul 5, 2007
Ingymmom - I think it depends on what usergroups you're in. It looks to me like some people have maybe joined all usergroups, or joined no usergroups, and they can post in every forum then? I'm not sure. You may have to be in the usergroup for some forums but I think it somehow relates to that. Also I think you can start a topic in any forum, just not reply.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post in the gymnast forum because I don't work out all that seriously and mostly just play around, so I try to keep it to a minimum and only when I have something to add to a direct request for advice that doesn't seem to be getting many answers. But I can desist if it's not okay.


I was one of the people who requested that Bog put up that sticky in the gymnast forum. I didn't do it myself because I thought it have a little more force coming from Bog - the great and powerful ;).

I don't think anyone cares if a coach or parent posts in the gymnast forum. But try to make your post from the perspective of a gymnast. I know a lot of coaches and parents were former gymnasts, so its OK to post in the gymnast forum for that reason. But what I think gymnasts don't want to see is an answer from a coach's perspective or parent's perspective when we were expecting an answer from a gymnast. Or another way to look at it is that we aren't looking for the perspective of "someone who tells us what to do" when we are asking a question to our peers. It changes the tone and the direction of the forums. And JBS says somewhere that he wanted to have the different forums so we could see the differing opinions of the different groups. But I guess it can get kindof hard when the groups overlap! (like when a gymnast does coaching too)


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Sep 3, 2005
I will work on getting the "new posts/todays posts" link fixed up. I used to have the all of the RSS news forums excluded from that link. I also excluded the group forums so no one would post in the wrong group forum. I am going to do that again.

You cannot get full access to the group forums without joining the group for that forum. For example, in order to have full access to the "coach" forum, you must join the "coach" group. However, everyone does have some access to the group forums...even if they are not in that group.

Group Forum Setup

  1. Anyone is allowed to start a new thread in any group forum. This is to allow anyone to ask questions. For example, a "coach" is allowed to start a new thread in the "parent" forum to "ask the parents a question".
  2. If you start a new thread, you are allowed to reply to it. For example, if a "coach" asks the "parents" a question by starting a new thread...that coach (only) will be able to reply to the thread in order to clarify things (if needed).
  3. Unless one of the above 2 examples is happening. The group forums are only for members of that group.
If you try to reply to a post in a group forum you will get an error message, unless you belong to that group or you started the thread.

I know this is confusing, but it will (and does) work very well. By giving feedback you are helping me make the forum less confusing. There are many things that I can do to make the forums less confusing (and they will be done)'s just a matter of time.

The site is growing very quickly. If it keeps growing like's scary to think what this place will be like a year from now.
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