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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
My daughter competes on a YMCA team. I am curious about # of hours of practice on other Y teams to see how "our" team fits in. Also curious if your Y has a dedicated gymnastics space or if you have to set up and tear down each day. Our schedule is as follows:
Level 3: 4 hours/week
Level 4 and 5: 6 hours/week
Prep op/Level 7: 7.5 hours/week

I wish we at least had the option of more practice time, but we have to fight for every minute of gym time we get and we have to set up/tear down each practice.

They're talking about a new building to be shared between our Y and the one in a neighboring town that would have a dedicated gymnastics gym, but I'll believe it when I see it! It's something to fantasize about, at least!
I'm not affiliated with a Y gym, but the level 4-6 girls at the private gym wher I coach train about 5-7.5 hours/week, so about the same as what they do at your daughter's gym. I know it can seem like very little compared to some of the mega clubs out there that have their level 4s and 5s going 12-15 hours a week, but it seems to work out okay.
I don't currently live near any YMCAs with gym programs, but the area where I grew up and competed had a few. Both had dedicated gymnastics facilities that were pretty nice and comparable to many club gyms in the area, perhaps even better in some respects. However one of those programs just built their new gym in about 2006, before that I'm not sure how their program worked.
We don't have a YMCA gym in our area, but at our gym Levels 4-7 only practice 7 hours a week. That's all the time that is available. They are always sharing the gym with recreational gymnastics and cheer classes.
Level 4: 8 hours in summer, 6 during the school year
Level 5: 8, 6
Level 6: 12, 9
Level 7:16, 12

This was actually increased this summer, during the school year level 4 used to be 5 hours, 5/6 was 6 hours, and level 7 was only 9 hours. Then they realized that only our level 4s and 5s ever placed at meets and we upped the hours a little for summer.

Just last summer we moved our gymnastics off site. We didn't have to tear down each practice but it was small. There was room for the floor, one set of bars, the vault/runway, and 4 beams of varying heights. Since the move we have gotten a tumble track, a second set of bars, a single rail bar, and some boys equipment.
I coach at a YMCA.
Our schedule is L4 6 hours and L5-9 9 hours.

We are very lucky that we have our own dedicated gymnastics facility attached to our Y. We compete in a pretty large YMCA district, with about 10 programs, and only 2 of them don't have dedicated gymnastics facilities. Though, there are a few, who are just perminantly set-up in very small basketball courts. On the flip side, there are two programs in our district that have stand alone off-site gymnastics facilities. So, basically gymnastics gyms that the Y owns and operates.

If you are looking for more gym time, or a facility with equipment you likely don't have since you are setting up each day (pit, strap bar, etc.), we have had a great working relationship with one of the other Y's in our district that has their own stand alone building. They let us come in when we need to if we have some skill development that requires a pit. We are actually going tonight to flip some Tsuks with our L8s, so they can flip into loose foam, instead of onto an 8 inch with a 5'3" me keeping her head off the ground:) If there is a gym close, they might be willing to share a little. We are supportive of each other, because having better programs to compete against will only improve each of our programs.

Good luck in your program! Set-up and tear-down can be draining, but I've seen kids from those programs compete at a proficient L7/8 level and be competitive on the state and national level.
You guys are great! Thanks for all the info/encouragement.

The only other Y in our area doesn't have a gymnastics program (which is why, I suppose, there is a push to have another facility half-way in between that would serve both Ys), but my daughter has done some privates at the local private club and has participated in their "team" summer camp, etc. so that's been helpful in getting her a bit of extra time in the gym.
When I used to work at the Y, the practice time was as follows...
level 4: 5 hours
level 5/6: 7 hours
level 7/8: 9 hours

It was not as much compared to some of the private clubs in the areas, but the kids still did well. Our Y had up to a level 8. At first we had to do the set up/ take down every day, but eventually they built a seperate gymnastics wing. Originally there was plenty of space in the new wing, but not much equipment (only 1 bar and vault and a very old floor). Since then I think they now have tumble track, 2 vaults, 2 bars, many beams, and a spring floor. I would say that with the right coaches, the children will still be successful. It will just take more hard work and planning, but it can still be done!
Our dd's Y team, levels 2-5 all go 6 hours, sometimes 7.

The coaches have to set up and break down.
My DD is Lvl 7 at a Y in your league. We have our own facility which is quite nice (except during shut down when we have to clean it :()

Lvl 4 9 hours
Lvl 5 12 hours
Lvl 6 16hours
Lvl 7-10 20hours
Where is your gym? I was just figuring out where we were going for each of our meets and was looking at pictures of the Waynesboro YMCA gym on line and was blown away... it looks nicer than our local "private" gym.
our level 4 went undefeated last year!
our gym competes ymca and levels 5-9 & prep do usag.
these our year-round hours.

level 3: 4 per week
level 4: 7.5
level 5: 7.5
level 6: 12
level 7-9: 15
Prep Op: 6
Ymcaa :)

i attend a YMCA gymnastics . we share a gym with basketball players and break down everyday and no spring floor but my team still does amazing . getting 1st and second alot .

monday and wensdays we go 4:30 - 6:30
and tuesday and thursday we go 4:30 - 7:30

so yeah .
My daughter competes for the Y

We have our own gym in the facility and for meets we use that and the other gyms. My daughter is a level 5 and she practices MW from 530-8 and then she is also part of the Y club team which practices on thurs from 530-730. Level 6 and up practice mw 6-830 level 4 and under is tues and thurs 6-8. We do have practice on Fridays 430-7 if you would like extra practice and then on Sundays 1-3 is open gym but you are not promised a coach will be there.
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