Regionals - State Team vs All-Stars

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Okay we are pretty new to Region 8 - Regionals (in Atlanta) - Level 8, but this week at State our DD qualified for an All-Star spot. Just curious in the main differences between the State Team vs All-Star. Do the All-Star girls compete against the State girls or they kept separate. How are the schedule determined, who goes on Friday, etc. Anyway our dd is happy and as newbie parents we will sit back and keep an on the regional website and see what we can find out. She is 10 yr old, the only girl from our gym who qualified, we have a small optional program, so not a whole lot of information around gym about regionals.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Usually, the state team is the top 8 athletes, and they compete against the other state teams for the Glory if being L8 Regional Team champion. There is also an individual competition, and the younger age groups are killer.

The next tier of athletes make of an all star team. No state team competition, ind only. Its a great experience, and your daughter should be thrilled! The team comp is usually before the all star comp- at least thats the way it is in region 6.
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