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Jan 26, 2008
I onl practice twice a week, not including open gyms, and yesterday when i was workig on tap swings i got two rips one p each hand the size a bit saler than a quarter.... so i got tape and ect ( i dont wear grips becaseim not on team and dont pactice that much.... shuld i?????) then went back on bars and got another ip the size or a quarter! :( i put prep. h on it bt it stinnngs! suggestions??
Feb 8, 2008
band aid activ-flex bandaids. they are like magic. If you put them on the freshest biggest rips and they don't hurt. The larger you get the longer they will stay on. They won't stay on if you actually try to do bars with it on though. But they are water proof and then when you shower you won't get shampoo in it which hurts like no tomorrow.


if your rip is like a real rip and not just like skin ripping off then use neasporin and then use baby powder to dry it out the rip.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I used to rip a lot like that. Fairly big, and deep, and almost every practice. I'm level 5 and practice twice a week (like you) so i didn't know if i should have gotten grips either. For a while i filed my hands where the skin was pealing off between every turn on bars. That worked well for a while and reduced the amount i ripped quit a bit.
Another girl I train with had grips that she never used so she let me use them. Ever since I have started using the grips I don't rip at all and get to train bars so much more! I used to hate bars because i always ripped and got hardly any practice time, but now i love it!
...Considering my bar routine isn't all that complex (hah) it didn't take me long to get used to them.
Basically, I would suggest getting grips, or at least trying them to see if you like them.
I'm not a grips expert but mine are just like the cloth kind and not the dowel (??) ones...and they are working really well for me.
Two of the other girls I train with just wear grips during practice when they are working on bars for longer than usual, and not during competition, so you could even do that if you want.
(though i think ill wear mine during competition...and will be buying my own asap.)
I don't know if that was helpful but good luck..and i hope your rip heals fast!!
Feb 23, 2008
i get rips ALL THE TIME! especially the bloody ones all i do is i put new skin on it and a band-aid then tape it up and then put my dowles back on and get back to practicing


Get vitamin E soft-gel tablets and band aids and before you go to be cut open the tablet and put the liquid on the band aids and put them on your rips over night... it works wonders!
Jan 26, 2008
thanks! I just bought DAT sticks ( it comes with a callus stick, a conditioner stick and a rip stick ) so ill see how that works and i also got hand-e-balm! anyone ever tried them? i ordered offline from and they arrived today so i cant wait to see if they are worth it!!
woah flipin_gymnastt that sounds kinda painfull


I used to rip like every pratice sometimes even my rips would rip. Then one of the girls I worked out with told me that she would shave her callus's off with her razor. I know it sounds weird but, it worked. It pretty much just took like the dead skin off the top. After I started doing that I rarely ever ripped. There are also things called callus shavers, or a nail filer or pumus stone can be used to file them down. Those are probably much safer than using a razor. When I used to rip a lot though I would put vasiline or utter balm on my rips and then sleep with a plastic bag...or plastic gloves and they would heal in 2-3 days.
Jan 17, 2008
The vitamin E works well.

Make sure you wash your hands well after each practice, the chalk dries out your hands.

All gymnasts get rips, kind of a rite of passage.

You can minmimize them with washing, and using a lot of lotion, one that works wells is Aquaphor. It is kind of like Vasoline Jelly.

Good Luck!
Feb 8, 2008
I shave my calluses too, and it really works. I tried filing it down, but that just seemed to take forever with little effect. If you stay in the shower till your hands are all wrinkly then the dead skin turns white and you can just take it right off, as gross as it sounds. It works well for the bigger calluses higher on your palm, but not so much for the middle of your hand.
Mar 15, 2008
my advice to you is to use vitamin E capsuls. you use a needle to pop the capsul and poor the vitamin E onto your rip and cover with a bandaid. it keeps it moist so it is more comfortable. good luck =]
Feb 17, 2008
when I get a rip I put on vitamin E oil and corn huskers lotion. then I put socks over my hands so they lotion crap doesn't get over everything when I sleep. hahaha.
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