Coaches Social distancing games and drills

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Dec 30, 2012
Hi- As our gym is preparing to re-open, I’ve been trying to come up with good games and drills to keep kids (particularly young rec kids) at appropriate distances. I have a few ideas, mostly involving each kid at a station with a panel mat. I was also thinking about incorporating hula hoops for warm ups. I’d love to hear other ideas!
You would have to disinfect the hula hoops before and after each use, fortunately it’s not hard to do with a hula hoop.

You can do race type games, everyone runs on the spot and you call and shape/skill and the gymnast tries to be the fastest to make it. Break a record attempts, for a ample who can do the most star jumps in 30 secs etc and see who gets the record. Call out a skill, ie 10 burpees, then sit down as fast as you can to see who can do them the fastest.

Dance warm ups to music work well, because can spread out and just follow the coach.
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We had our first practice back today and did a stop dance game with everyone staying in one spot and running, jumping or moving until I stopped the music and called out something they needed to do (shapes, conditioning, easy skills, silly stuff too). The girls definitely had fun.
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