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Sep 3, 2005
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I want to get a thread going here on all the strength exercises that gymnasts do. Just add them as you remember them and soon well have a great resource here. Let's keep it simple by doing it like this:
  • Exercise
  • Description
  • Boys, Girls, or Both
I'll start...
  • Scissor Jumps
  • Put one foot a foot or two in front of the other one...hands on your hips. Jump as high as you can...switch your legs in the air and land with the opposite leg in front. Do this over and over...great leg conditioning.
  • Boy and Girls
Easy...your turn.
If you have four or five pound hand weights:
Take one weight in each hand and tip them like you're pouring soda. Lift your arms to shoulder level. Only do about two sets of ten when starting out. Great for girls and guys- it really develops your shoulders.
how many would you like.....

1. Leg lifts over head
-Lay down flat on your back, lift your legs over your head and touch the floor..then bring you legs back down to 6 inches above the ground (go slowly)...repeat.
-boys and girls

2. Chin up hold
-hold chin above bar for as long as can--set times first to get kids going and what not--then keep increasing the times. challenge them every once in a while by timing the max that they can hold it.

3. L-hold (on leg lift rack/stall bars if possible)
-Hold legs in L shape (so your body is at a 90degree angle). Set time limits (15seconds..etc)

4. Scoop hold AKA Hollow Body Hold
-Hold scoop/hollow body hold for times (set by coach--such as 30s)

5. Press handstands
-Go on own or against wall to learn--with spot is good too.

--there's a start for you. Conditioning is one of my favorite things so i'll be glad to add some stuff on there.
I think that it would be even more useful to pick out the different common exercises and try to establish a progressional system of performing the exercises.

For example, a leg lift...

1. Tuck Up Lying On An Incline Mat (Lying with Feet Going "Downhill")
2. Tuck Up Lying On An Incline Mat - Extend the Knees
3. Leg Lift On An Incline Mat
4. Tuck Holds Hanging from Bar
5. Wolf (1 leg bent, 1 leg straight) Hanging from Bar
6. V-Hold Hanging from Bar
7. L-Hold Hanging from Bar
8. Tuck Up Hanging from Bar w/ Slight Incline
9. Tuck Up Hanging from Bar
10. Tuck Up Hanging from Bar - Extend Knees
11. Leg Lift to L position
12. Leg Lift w/ Slight Incline
13. Full Leg Lift
14. 1/2 Leg Lift - (L Hold to V Hold & Repeat)
15. Leg Lift with Resistance (Ankle Weights)
I think that it would be even more useful to pick out the different common exercises and try to establish a progressional system of performing the exercises.

I like this idea. However, let's keep this thread going like this and start new threads in your style for each of the major exercises. That way we can have the resource thread for newer coaches and parents and then go into great detail in the other threads. We can then edit our original posts in this thread stating "for more info on leg lifts, please see this thread".
What I Like To Do Is Basically A Full Front Lever With One Leg Tucked and the other fully out and then Change leg's after you get tired i will call this the Half Lever

Half Lever:
Do a Half Lever Alternating Leg's ever 10-15 Seconds Stay In Half lever for 1-2 minute's

One Leg Tuck Jump:
Do Tuck Jumps But Jumping of the ground with only one leg alternate legs every 5 Jumps do this for As Long as you can keep it up:
Chin-up levers-- hold chin-up, straight body lever to thighs, back to chin-up

Straight body levers-- from a static hold, straight body lever to thighs, back down (controlled)

Straight body planches-- handstand hold (on bar or on floor), partner holds legs, planche to just above horizontal, back to a straight body HS

One-leg switch leap-- stand on dominant leg (knee bent) on beam (or on floor, but I get rug burns), other leg in arabesque, swing leg through, switch leap landing on dominant leg. (You can do this on both legs, although the low beam might be a good idea for your non-dominant leg. :) ) This is also a great drill for training switch switches.
There are S-O-O-O-O many strength items this thread could go on and on. It would be great to have a list source of what coaches feel are the stand by's that should never be left out of a good everyday regime and then maybe a seperate thread/list source for the fine tune/specific skill/shaping strength items. Opinions of how one would weight their daily strength program between the two would also be cool. I'm always curious about the theories of others.

I have to go set up for our meet tomorrow, but I will definitely add to this thread a little at a time when time allows.
My current favorite is dead hang pullovers.

I also like to have them do wheelbarrow walks, 10 pushups in wheelbarrow, then switch, especially if it's a fun or teambuilding day.
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