Parents Transition from xcel to compulsories

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The conversation regarding the OP consisted of a desire for more hours, more training. The OP was seeking opinions. My post was a bit brass tacks just to point out a window of opportunity that might be available to the OP to satisfy their objectives, her trajectory, her curve. I don't think people are being negative. Nor minimizing or demeaning the trajectory of any child. I'm not.
The above wasn't your post I was responding to. They were 2 others. And my responses were not personal to anyone.
I totally agree that nobody is inherently "behind" -- and each gymnast has their own path in this sport.

However, speaking from personal experience only, timing was a factor in our decision-making process. We considered making a gym change when DD was 6 yrs old, after she was directed from pre-team to Xcel (rather than JO). However, because she was so young and would be learning the same Level 3 routines/skills as an Xcel Bronze, we decided to try that path for awhile. After a year, DD still desired more and old gym still did not want her in JO. We considered waiting one more year (old gym was SO close to home), but decided it was "easier" to move DD now. It was "easier" because the gyms in our area were more interested in a Level 4 who was 7-8 years old, and because Level 4 is the first required level.

That being said, we certainly could have waited. At the same time DD moved, there were several Xcel Gold girls (around age 11-12) from our old gym that also made the jump to JO at a new gym. They were able to quickly score out of Levels 4 and 5, and are now successfully competing Level 6. So, as long as your Xcel program is solid and teaching skills correctly, I don't think there a necessarily a rush to make the change mid-season.

My comments, of course, are all based on personal experience only...
I took the "behind" statement not to have any negative connotation, but rather... If fall compulsories, those girls are just starting their off-season, whereas Xcel kiddos are gearing up for season. Ergo, if fall compulsories, then there's no conflict of "moving mid-season" to contend with, and if the OP's kid is really ready to move otherwise, why miss out on three months of off-season?

If fall compulsories, and kid moves after Xcel season, kid misses three months of off-season training. No, in the longrun that won't hurt the kid at all, but if they're unhappy anyway, and no mid-season move drama experienced by new gym, then why not move now rather than drag feet?

Now, if spring season for both, then I totally agree to wait. Watch JO gyms, but don't call til after season, and enjoy what is likely your DD's last season with unique music for awhile. ;)
That being said, we certainly could have waited
We had the exact opposite experience. We should not have waited. I almost moved her in September 2014 after L3 when she was 7, but instead got talked into staying and she did XG (old gym stopped doing compulsories and now uses Xcel instead). I ended up moving her after that season in June 2015 when she was 8. I feel like we lost a year. She just learned and reinforced more bad habits. I think she would have been better off if she had stayed with the "lower" team since that coach focused much more on form, but they moved her to the higher one that was run by the owner/HC. He is a wonderful man, but basically let her do whatever she wanted and provided little drills/correction. His theory was to teach little kids big tricks and the form would come later. Maybe that works for some kids, but not mine. She's still catching up 18 months later. But...

So, as long as your Xcel program is solid and teaching skills correctly, I don't think there a necessarily a rush
^^^^ this is key. So different scenarios may have different "right answers". All you can do is do your research and trust your gut. Again, good luck! :)
i don't know that a lot of gyms will take on gymnasts at this point in the "game". for us, we've started meet season. so unless it's some weird circumstance (kid moves from another state, gym shuts down - which happened and we took on gymnasts right before states) our gym won't take on a new competing gymnast at this point. plus, we've already ordered comp leos..... they will say to wait until spring and our state/meet season is over.
Yes yes yes, I get it.

And I am not a fan. Words matter. Behind, has a negative association and there is no need for it. Its relative. Life, gymnastics doesn't have a straight line. It has twists, turns, changes in conditions. Sometimes you have to slow down, sometimes speed up, some times take a rest. If something changes, much like a GPS, we recalculate, adjust.

To say a kid recovering from lets just say an injury is behind, is disheartening and in no way positive.

To say a kid is behind because they didn't get their kip, BHS, giant, flyaway as quick as "Little Suzy" is really a rather crummy way to frame it.

To say a kid is behind because they only go x hours instead of y is just not true. Going y hours is one curve, going x is a different curve. If it takes say 100 hours to get a skill. The kid who goes less hours is not behind. Her curve is different. It will take more days/months to get x skill not necessarily more training hours. Its perspective.

My daughter has had behind thrown at her a bunch. I finally had to tell everyone to knock it off, yep coaches too. She is not behind, she is where she is and she is fine.

I do not care how long it takes her to get a skill as long as she works at it. I do not care what level she competes in a given season. If she is working hard and happy where she is at she is fine. We are lucky the gym where she is at trains them well and without outrageous hours. Should that change so will we. She gets to whatever level she gets to.

Just one Moms opinion......................

Your opinion is fine -- but OP is asking for advice on what she may encounter at prospective gyms as she contemplates a switch. Others are reaponding sincerely based on their experiences doing just that....

Some gyms will tell her they have no space or to wait until after the season.
Some may tell her she's too old.
Some may tell her she's behind for JO.
Some won't accept an Xcel transfer.
Etc etc

It may not be "right", but it is the reality. Depending on location, there many not be many options available, so you've just got to work with what you have and make the best of it. The options are not always ideal.

Good luck to OP!
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OP: I agree with those who say to move her to the new gym as soon as the new gym's compulsory season is over. Gyms start training skills for the next level as soon as the last meet is over so the sooner you can get her started, the better chance she will have to be ready for L3 when they make the level decisions. Moving gyms isn't giving up - we have made a move in the middle of the competitive season that ended up being THE BEST thing for my gymmie.

We had several girls come to our team just like this. They checked it out early and did a few practices with our girls and then came on the team in the few weeks before the end of the season. This was when the girls were training level 3 and strangely all of the girls who joined were 8 years old. It seems to be going well as we approach meet season and they are actually all the most motivated girls on the team.

I do know that our gym has sort of unspoken max age rules (ie must get to level 4 by age 10, etc), so you may want to check out what happens if she doesn't happen to make the team. For example if she can't get the kip quickly enough to get to level 4 will they be ok w a 9 y/o competing level 3? If not, what's the back up plan and is it acceptable to your DD?
Our gym actually used xcel in place of compulsories and once a girl completes XG successfully then she scores out of level 5. This year the coaches and parents met and decided the best place for the girls who scored out. From my understanding they discuss and come up with a plan for each gymnast (some girls like lower hours and wanted to stay in xcel and went to platinum while others are on level 6). With that said our gym practices low hours in comparison to many others in our region. Our silver girls practice 6.5 hours a week, gold 9, level 6, 12.
I have already called around to see what the policy is on the gym that we would like to check into and they do not take girls mid-season. They suggested completing our season and calling them back in April. Then they will evaluate my daughter to see her skills and where they would place her.
To be honest, the thought had never crossed my mind she might be too old. Yikes!
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