updated tour of gymnastics superstars

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I was going to post about our show. We went on Thursday night. It was awesome. I was expecting the music to be extremely horrible but it really wasnt that bad. KSM wasnt my taste as far as dress and hair but music wasnt bad. OF course the gymnasts were amazing... We went to the preclinic which I would suggest just going to and slipping in with a group because they didnt even ask us who we were with they just let people in that were with a group. They just called the group and people went in except at the end they just started letting people in. They answered questions and then signed autographs. My daughter got her tshirt and program signed but some of the gymnasts didnt come over like sasha and the hamms and well actually only 5 did but she was happy with that. The show was amazing. we got to take small cameras with no detachable lenss no flashes. We got to meet jordyn and ksm was also signing autographs but we missed them. Jordyns dad was kind of snobby acting. He thought he was all that and more and hes not even the talented one. Anyhow. We thouroghly enjoyed it. Woudl post pictures but halfway through my batteries died and my pictures are very bad. I really wanted a pic of sasha and couldnt get one. I will try to post one later of some I got. But if you can get into the preclinic you can get some autographs.
Mar 18, 2008
How early was the pre show thing? I couldn't find any info on the web about it. I am going to boston next week.
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