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Hi peoples ^_^

I'm hoping this will be an awesome site that can provide me some help and conversations! ^_^

I'm an ex-gymnast hoping to become an ex-ex-gymnast (as in, take up the sport again). I'm close to 21, so I'm pretty old for gym, but I've really missed it since I quit like, 7 yrs ago >_>. I was never uber good but I always loved it.

I'm now a coach. I have kids from 2 to 14 in different classes. I have one group who want to compete at the end of the yr and I don't know if they're gonna be good enough and I'm like "ahhh I have to train them for a comp? ahhh!"

yeh I'm kinda new at coaching ^^

So, I'll be excited to share experiences with people! And maybe steal some support cuz I want to enter myself in a comp at the end of the yr >_> not gonna be easy! lol.

Yeh... dunno what else to say ^_^


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Sep 3, 2005
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket. I'm sure you'll find the site fun and useful. Thanks for joining and tell your friends.:chat:
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