For Parents Why My Child Does Gymnastics and Why I Love Watching Her

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Proud Parent
Mar 3, 2016
Lately I have been beginning to entertain thoughts of a possible gym change for my daughter. When I asked her how she would feel her approach was really “Eh… but would I still get to do gymnastics?”
Then we have a meet next year that our family just can’t afford. It looks like her whole small team, including her gym bestie, will be going except us. I thought she’d be so upset when she heard, but her approach was, “Eh… but will I still get to do gymnastics?”

This past weekend she competed in her 6th meet. Our gym is small and doesn’t compete until level 4 then they don’t do a lot of meets per season. Out of those 6 meets she has come in the bottom 3 for her age group in all except one, and that one she was bottom 5. I worry that these placements are going to be hard on her. Quite honestly, they are hard on me!! But she still LOVES the sport. She celebrates every little bit of growth and just enjoys getting to do what she loves.

I see some girls totally focused on placement, medals and scores and not that that’s a bad thing but I’m glad my girl has something that she loves as much as she loves doing gymnastics and I hope that doesn’t change.


Proud Parent
Oct 9, 2015
IMO, the only thing that really matters is that they love the sport. Neither of you will remember what place she came in at the Spooky Invitational a few years from now, but she'll remember that you've always supported her, and as long as she loves what she's doing she'll keep on climbing through the levels.