For Parents WOW, we just got our meet schedule...

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and we have never had so many meets in one season, LOL! I am going to be exhausted by the end of it :eek:.

We have 8 "for sure" meets, and possibly one other if she qualifies for it (trials are in early January) - not counting our in-house meet in December.

We usually only do 5 - I'm feeling excited and a bit overwhelmed all at the same time :D

The best part of all is - we get to do a California competition - Spirit of the Flame in San Jose (I think!) - my gymmie has never competed out of B.C. so this is very exciting - now we just have to figure out how to translate her level to the U.S. levels........(and all the other girls in the gym, too).....I think our Technical Director is thinking that approx. 30 of our 80 competitive athletes will go, as we will only be able to compete optionals.

I know we can be competitive on vault, beam and floor - but bars??? Well, let's just say that in B.C. the bars requirements are not what they are in the States :cool: ...... ah well, gotta love a challenge!

Off to start planting that money tree.....
Feb 26, 2007
Lisa that sounds like a busy season, but a lot of fun to go to CA and enjoy the sun. I always think it'd be fun to do a big US invitational.


Busy season! Sounds like fun though--I was bummed that our season this year is one meet shorter than usual. Maybe you picked up our missing meet ;-).


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow, that is a big change! I am sure your gymmie is thrilled! The Cali meet sounds fun! If that money tree works, send me some seeds. :)


I'm right there with ya ~ we have 8 'for sure' meets and 1 mock meet. That doesn't even include sectionals or states, or the entire month of March that hasn't been decided yet!! Can you send some of those money-seeds my way?? :rolleyes: I agree with you, too, that it's kind of exciting but will end up being very exhausting!
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Hi neighbor to the north :) Wow - that is a lot of meets! We actually have less meets this season than last season. Good for the paocketbook but I wouldn't have minded one or two more. The California meet sounds like fun! I always wondered how the Canadian levels translate to the levels in the US and vice versa.
That sounds like so much fun, you guys must be pumped!

As far as levels go, Ontario changed ours so we'd be closer to on par with JO, but even that has flaws. Bean who's a level 8 here, would be a P4 like A if she was anywhere else in Canada, but to compete as an 8 in AZ, she'll have to take a bunch of stuff out of her routines. Alternately, she can add a few elements and be a 9, but as you mentioned, likely a 9 with weak bars, lol. When do you compete there?

Good Luck this season! I can't wait to hear all about it! AND see it!!! Have you been camcorder shopping yet?!?!?!?;)
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