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  1. M

    Parents Level 6 bar dismount deduction question

    What is the deduction for not doing a flyaway dismount in level 6 bars? My dd is great on bars but blocked on flyaway. TIA!
  2. gymjunkie

    Coaches Bar Dismount help

    Please share positive experiences of helping a gymnast get over the fear of pulling in on a tuck double back. She had a nice one, but got injured after "pulling in." I did not see the funky dismount to know what went wrong, but it was an isolated bad one. She had no history of doing this in the...
  3. J

    WAG Xcel Diamond - Bar Dismount

    Is a B dismount (layout 1/2 twist, double, etc) required? I find this odd as a B is typically Level 9? My daughter competed Level 8 last season with a layout dismount, switched to Diamond and noticed that most of the requirements overall are more in line with Level 7/8 skills with the...
  4. G

    WAG bar dismount value

    does anyone know what the current skill value of a Pechstein is on bars? It's basically a front giant with 1.5 twist dismount. Also what is the current value of a double pike dismount on bars?
  5. Mom2Chickadee

    WAG Another Level 6 Bar Dismount Question

    Last night DD and I were talking on the way home from the gym and she mentioned an old teammate wasn't doing a fly away dismount (level 6) on bars but something else that "met" the dismount requirements. Is this possible? I quickly looked it up on-line and the requirements are "salto"...
  6. flipnastic

    Parents Level 2 bar dismount

    just curious of the reasons coaches will choose to do one dismount as appears to the other...originally, the girls were working on the feet on the bar/shoot off (excuse my lack of knowledge of terms! Lol) they have changed the dismount they are doing to a cast->hips on the bar->shoot off. Is...
  7. L

    WAG Bar Dismount Value

    What is a double pike bar dismount in JO? C or D?
  8. I

    WAG have you got a video of this bar dismount? What is the value?

    Been to a meet yesterday. I am obsessed with stalders, like, really obsessed. So I saw a dismount of a girl, that I have never seen before! Here is what she did: Starting on Low Bar: Kip – Straddle Cast Handstand – Stalder Handstand – Sole Circle – Jump to High Bar – ½ Turn Kip (so she is...
  9. G

    WAG Toe one front bar dismount

    Hello everyone I have been working on toe on front dismounts for a few months now and it is pretty good but I am just stuck. Right before I land on the ground I open up and land feet first then onto my butt. This happens every time. Whenever I do it into the pit it's fine but then I go onto a...
  10. htimcj

    WAG Level 5, 6 7 bar dismount

    So after looking at the level 5 bar routine and reading the requirements for level 6 and 7, what dismount would most L6s do? L5 does a flyaway, L6 requires only a min of an A dismount so from my understanding would be you would not have to do the flyaway and then L7 says the dismount with a...
  11. V

    WAG L7 Scoring - Lunge Landing and Bar Dismount

    In my effort to learn this new L7 world, I am curious about a couple items that impact scoring. On floor - if you land a tumbling pass and then immediately go to a lunge position, is that considered a step? DD says it's not, and it may just be something for optionals. Second, one of the other...
  12. K

    Parents level 5 bar dismount

    I have a question about the level 5 dismount on bars. My daughter has been told different things by her different coaches, and I was curious what the "correct" answer to her question is. She turns to her left when dismounting. What are her hands supposed to do? First her right hand. One...
  13. G

    Help keeping legs together L5 bar dismount

    Today my dd came home and said that she is losing .3 on her bar routine because her legs aren't staying together on her dismount so she showed us on her bar here.. she is seperating them at her turn. Just wondering anything she can do to help correct this? her coach scored her at a 9.1 and said...
  14. G

    Level 4 bar dismount

    Are there any new drills or a different way I can teach the level 4 bar dismount. I am dealing with the girls piking around the bar and shooting their toes down to the ground for the under swing. I have them work on double back hip circles and back hip circle stop half way but once they go on...
  15. M

    Help with Level 5 bar dismount

    My DD is struggling with her bar dismount. She says she can't turn fast enough. She starts to take her hand off the bar to turn and just can't complete the turn. Any advice on what she needs to do differently or what she can work on? Also does it matter which direction she turns?
  16. J

    Level 8 bar dismount

    Are toe on front tuck dismounts allowed in level 8? If so, do they receive full dismount value?
  17. G

    Toe Front Uneven Bar Dismount

    Hi Im a level 9 learning a Toe Front Uneven Bar Dismount. Are there any drills for learning this skill? Also, how do you not pull in on the bar? Thanks:)
  18. M

    Level 10 bar dismount?

    hi, my name is Mara and I am level 10. i was wondering what you suggest for level 10 bar dismount? ANother question: right now i have english bulldog grips, but im gonna get another pair of grips to break in before the season, whats your favorite grips?

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