Toe Front Uneven Bar Dismount

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Im a level 9 learning a Toe Front Uneven Bar Dismount. Are there any drills for learning this skill? Also, how do you not pull in on the bar?

First, I suggest you talk to your coach. You will need them to spot portions of what you are doing if you feel uncomfy at any point.

My development is this, all on the low bar:
*learn sole circle
*learn late drop in sole circle (jump to a tight arch, stoop in)
Place a crash mat or 2-3 8" mats about 2-3 feet from the bar facing out (away from the high bar).
*learn to shoot to a stand (basically, a sole circle to pop off to standing).
*shoot to stand punch dive roll.
* shoot to stand punch front
* raise mats another 8", repeat.
* go to a pit, try one. If no pit is available, drill the previous steps till you're sick of it, then try one from the high bar into a porta-pit with spot.

Now, that's just my progression. Please talk to your coach, and coinsider their approach as well. I suggest that you learn a 1/2 out as it is easier to land, safer on your knees, and adds flair to the dismount as a whole.

Good luck, and be safe! Again, talk to your coach!

When I learned this dismount I was told it is much easier to do it from a handstand step down/giant which I assume you will be doing.

I worked on snap down front tucks from a block and just punch fronts on floor

Back drop to immidiate front tuck on tramp is a great one (ie. back drop don't let feet touch tramp , front tuck)

I also put a large resi mat underneath/in front of the low bar and did handstand step down toe off to feet, praciticing getting toes up so that eventually you can do the same thing to land on your stomach,

It's all about shooting your toes up to the ceiling.
Wow! Thanks a ton! I will go talk to my coach, and thanks for the tips and drills =) Keep them coming:)

All the drills and progressions suggested by ryantroop and [URL=""]JFish[/URL] are perfect and pretty much all you really need drills wise.
1- tip that might make the difference for you (it helped me when i was playing with them).. Do the toe shoot up as you throw the bar down toward the floor, as you start raising drive your heel down and open the shoulders which will start to arch you in the shoulders, now you will feel like you can snap your chest into a front tuck. just like doing a handspring front on vault or floor.. You need to learn this shape change and snap. Given that you level 9 you probably know it already so it should not be a problem.

Good luck

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