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  1. F

    WAG Level 7 Bar routine clarification (giants/casts/flyaway)

    I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the Level 7 bar routine: First, if DD doesn’t quite make her cast to handstand at first on low bar, but then she makes it on the high bar, does that still count? Second, she will probably do two giants on high bar (clear hip to 45 on low). I’ve...
  2. M

    WAG Connecting bar routine tips

    My DD just got officially moved up to Xcel Platinum. She has all her skills, but is still working on connecting her bar routine. Her routine is kip cast free hip kip squat on hb kip cast layout flyaway. She can connect the high bar fine, and her kip squat on is good, but she is still struggling...
  3. A

    Anon Level 9 Bar Routine Start Value

    What would be the start value of this level 9 bar routine? Kip squat on, jump to the high bar, kip cast to handstand, 1/2 pirouette to shootover, kip squat on, jump to the highbar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant, double back dismount. If it's not a 10.0 start value what is missing?
  4. B

    Coaches Do I need a free hip handstand in my level 9 bar routine?

    I'm coming from a small gym where we have never competed in DP before (I'm petitioning in) so it's been hard to understand all of the rules and requirements perfectly. Currently my bar routine is Kip, handstand, pak salto, kip, handstand 1/2 pirouette, kip, jump to high, kip, handstand, giant...
  5. N

    Coaches Xcel Gold Bar Routine

    Would a Kip, cast, double back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing flyaway fit all the requirements for xcel gold?
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Start value for level 9 bar routine

    What would the SV be on level 9 for this bar routine: Kip cast handstand pirouette Kip cast handstand to Chinese sit up (toe shoot??) Kip cast handstand Free hip handstand 2 giants Double back dismount They are taking pak out temporarily for more work/clean up.
  7. L

    WAG Would This Count As A Level 6 Bar Routine?

    I recently watched a video of my cousin's bar routine. It appears to be around level 6 level but it was the strangest routine I have ever seen! For Level 6 in our region, I see most girls do the level 5 first half on the low bar, and Kip-Flyaway on the high bar, sometimes with cast handstands...
  8. G

    WAG Grade 6 bar routine

    Hi, my daughter is working towards grade 6, the only thing that is worrying her is that she cannot get her upward circle in her bar routine. I know nothing about gymnastics, but my question is, can she pass a grade if she cannot get her upward circle?
  9. C

    Coaches Xcel Platinum Bar Routine

    Hi everyone, There are a couple current xcel gold gymnasts who I want to move to platinum for next season. One of my girls is super nervous about moving up because she doesn't feel prepared on bars. I'm looking to find some feasible routine ideas for her. On bars, she currently competes...
  10. P

    WAG Would this work as an xcel silver bar routine?

    My DD is feeling uncomfortable with parts of her routine. She did some research and wants to change it to kip, front hip circle, cast, cast, dismount. Would that work? Her other possibilities would be doing two front hip circles or a single back hip circle, but she doesn’t like back hip circles...
  11. S

    WAG Xcel silver bar routine

    Would this routine have a starting point value of a 10.0? kip, cast, back hip circle, undershoot, standing dismount?
  12. G

    WAG Bar routine structure

    Quick question! I have a gymnasts who is learning to do jaeger. She wants to add it in her bar routine, but she doesn't have a bail or pak and she's too tall to do a giant 1/2 / blind facing the low bar. Are there any other relatively easy or smart ways to continue the routine after the jaeger...
  13. C

    Parents Bar routine question level 10 or elite

    Hello! Can someone tell me what bar skills are required for an optional routine at an elite qualifier meet? If you could also include the letter/score with the actual skill name that would be so helpful. Right now she has a stalder, toe on, Maloney, pirouette & is working on a pac ( sorry hope I...
  14. G

    Parents Silver Bar Routine

    My daughter is competing her first year xcel silver at age 9. She “got” her kip this summer and has competed 2 times with it. The first time scoring a 9.3 and the second only a 8.7. She has a meet tomorrow and is questioning her kip. Would it be better to do it even though her arms aren’t...
  15. coach1234

    WAG Is this a 10.0 SV level 6 bar routine

    Please can someone confirm if this level 6 bar routine has a 10.0 SV Kip (on low bar) Squat on Kip (on HB) cast handstand giant giant flyaway Thanks
  16. T

    WAG What are the requirements for a level 10 bar routine?

    I don't understand all the symbols and codes...but this is what DD has and I am not sure if it is enough: spring board to high board kip to handstand hopefully a tkatchev (inconsistent with it) Pirouette to shootover to handstand Chinese situp to kip/handstand double giant double layout dismount...
  17. mom2557

    WAG What are the requirements for a HOPES bar routine?

    Curious what the requirements are for a HOPES bar routine age group 12-13.
  18. P

    WAG Level 6 bar routine question

    Can someone who is more experienced please confirm if the following level 6 bar routine fulfills all the requirements? Kip - squat on - jump to high high bar- kip- cast to 45 degrees- giant - flyaway Thank you!
  19. kassgymnast_

    WAG Which bar routine?

    I'm a Sr. 9 in aga which is the equivalent to like level 6-10 in usag. It's complicated. I'll include all my requirements in every routine so if you would like to suggest a routine you can. Routine 1: LB cut catch, squat on, straddle back, kip, cast handstand, kip, clearhip, squat on, HB cut...
  20. B

    WAG Level 8 Bar Routine

    Is there another skill for level 8 bars that could replace the pirouette?