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Quick question! I have a gymnasts who is learning to do jaeger. She wants to add it in her bar routine, but she doesn't have a bail or pak and she's too tall to do a giant 1/2 / blind facing the low bar. Are there any other relatively easy or smart ways to continue the routine after the jaeger, other than kip cast handstand 1/2 pirouette? She can swing the bars but kip cast handstands are her nemesis... And obviously she has to hit handstand in order to do a half pirouette.

Her skills are clear hip, toe hand, toe shoot, giant, blind, jaeger and dismount and she's competing under the FIG rules
I would do upstart cast towards handstand clear hip to handstand, half pirouette. If she is tall it might be hard for her to get her toes on for a toe on from a short cast. But either would work.
What about the straddled baby pak and then 1/2 turn kip.

You can also start form a stalder position (4.202). One of my taller gymnast picked it up super fast. And bonus: 1 more CR fulfilled.


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