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  1. MuggleMom

    Parents Level 8 Beam series

    Can you do a handstand back tuck for your level 8 beam series? DD is returning from back fractures and beam is probably the biggest strain on her back. She did BHs tuck last year for level 8 but doing enough bhs to get comfortable with the series is too much for her back right now. Her coach...
  2. coach1234

    WAG Beam series

    In L7 beam if a gymnast does HS x BHS as their series does it matter if its a split HS or legs together also does the handstand have to be held for a certain amount of time?
  3. L

    WAG Level 10 Beam series?

    My daughter has done bhs layout stepout for the past few years as her series. She has some issues with her hip joint. The series is pretty painful, so in order to pull it off, she isn't using the best technique. Her back knee is very bent on the layout stepout because of the way she is...
  4. C

    Parents Quick beam series question

    Can anyone tell me how long a handstand needs to be held in a HS-BHS series? My kid is repeating 7 for what is left of this season after training for 8 all year (then getting injured), so she plans to compete a BHS-BHS that she had planned for 8, but will use a HS-BHS as a back up. I noticed...
  5. K

    WAG Xcel Platinum Beam Series

    I am an adult competitive gymnast competing xcel platinum. Normally I compete BWO-BWO, but my lower back has been having some issues. I tried switching to HS-BWO but I am very inconsistent landing the HS square enough to connect (don't even get me started on cartwheels). I was wondering, could I...
  6. C

    Parents Beam series level 7/8 and moving forward

    So my kid has had a BHS-BHS on beam for a while now, competed it on level 7 for her last few meets before COVID. She has always hated a BWO on beam and has *never* competed it. She did a single BHS on L5 and L6 and then a BHS-BHS on L7. After they were allowed to return to gym, she was assigned...
  7. J

    Ideas for level 8 beam series???

    Hey all! I am a level 8 gymnast, and having trouble with a beam series. Most girls do bhs bhs, but at the moment my back and shoulder flexibility is not allowing me to do that... basically anything out of a bhs is hard for me. I can do a back tuck bhs on beam, but my coaches don’t want me to do...
  8. T

    WAG Level 9 Beam Series

    So I am training for level 9 and I have always struggled with back handspring series. Now it seems like most level 9 gymnasts seem to be competing bhs-bhs or bhs-back lay. I have seen in the rules that a "restricted d element" is allowed. Does that mean I can compete something like a front...
  9. J

    WAG Beam Series

    Is a back handspring layout worth the same as a back handspring back tuck on beam?
  10. K

    WAG Beam series

    Trying to figure out Acro + flight beam series. Tic tok + bhs Handstand + bhs Back walkover + bhs Cartwheel + roundoff Any others? We have some older girls who can only roundoff, want to get some other ideas other people are doing. Thank you
  11. P

    WAG Connecting beam series

    Dd is having a hard time with her BWO BHS connection. She can do it on the low beam but stops and swings her arms on the high beam. It’s been several months with no progress. Any tips?
  12. R

    WAG L7 beam series

    All the posts about stress fractures in girls' backs, confirm my desire to keep my daughter from doing back walkovers on the beam. As she moves to level 7 and needs a series, what are options that don't include a back walkover? She's currently competing back handspring at level 5.
  13. B

    Coaches Level 8 Beam Series

    I have an athlete who is struggling with her handspring handspring connection, but can pull off back tuck into back hand and 2 fluid back tucks. What actually qualifies as a series of these, if any? Looking for constructive feedback!
  14. B

    WAG Level 8 Beam Series

    I have an athlete who is struggling with her handspring handspring connection, but can pull off back tuck into back hand and 2 fluid back tucks. What actually qualifies as a series of these, if any? Looking for constructive feedback!
  15. G

    Beam series!!

    Hey guys I'm new and so this is my first post so I have a mental block on my beam series (back handspring back handspring) any suggestions or tips?
  16. blue_5678

    WAG Longest beam series?

    What's the longest beam series that has ever been competed? Does anyone have any videos? I just thought it would be really interesting to see! I saw a video of Maile Okeefe training a series with 4 skills a little while ago, but that was on a floor beam...
  17. munchkin3

    WAG L7 beam series and connection

    I'm looking for specific information on the series for L7 beam and the connection especially for a BWO-BWO series.......we seem to be running into some major deductions and loosing the connection value because they are not doing it right. Mine does if hesitation, but still won't get...
  18. honu

    WAG Deduction for pause in beam series

    My DD plans to compete a BHS BHS as her beam series. Currently, she pauses before doing the second BHS. I am curious what the deduction is for not connecting the two. Hopefully, she will have the connection as the season continues, but it may not be there for the first few meets. Just...
  19. B

    WAG Level 7 beam series

    Is BHS BHS allowed in level 7 beam series? I thought it wasn't allowed until level 8.
  20. A

    WAG Level 7 Beam Series

    Does a connected Handstand into a BHS meet the series connection in L7? Getting conflicting info on this.