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  1. L

    Parents First Competition preparation

    My daughter's first competition is on Sunday with an early start. I was just curious if anyone has any special dinner the night before traditions ect.
  2. G

    daughters first competition

    Hi all, My daughter had her first competition today ( age 6) though she was nervous arriving at the gym, once she got going she thoroughly enjoyed. I was quite surprised, even though she has been in squad for just under 2 months she didn't look out of place and seemed to hold her own. She was...
  3. G

    Parents How to help DD wait a whole 16 months until first competition?

    So my DD very much wants to be a competitive gymnast. She lives and breathes gymnastics, practices, would be at gym every day if she could, loves anything gymnastics themed, etc. It has ended up taking her quite a while to make team (it will be about 3.5 years in the sport and 2.5 years on pre...
  4. E

    First Competition

    My youngest dd has her first competition this weekend, she will be competing Tumble & Trampette, dd will get to wear her club leotard for her next practice so they get used to wearing it with no shorts before the comp. Both Dd's also have a Christmas display in two weeks and youngest is also...
  5. E

    First Competition

    My youngest dd has her first competition in November, she will be competing T&T Friendly (Tumble and Trampette) level 1 (more than likely) or maybe level 2. Dd is getting excited, it will be her first non rec competition and she gets to wear her new club competition leotard.
  6. Uglybetty

    WAG First competition - what would you regard as a good result?

    DD recently had her first competition. She only moved from Rec to team late last summer. She was in a large tough field with a fairly low start value (lots of girls with far harder skills). She came in the second quarter of the overall results - beating a lot more girls than beat her and in...
  7. gymgurl

    WAG YAY! First competition of the season!!

    I had my first competition of the season yesterday and it went fairly well can't remember scores but I think it was 10.050 for vault (out of 12.4), 11.2 for beam and I don't know my start value but I'd say it was 13ish and 11.7 for floor with a start value of 13.70. Vault was interesting -...
  8. E

    Parents First Competition

    My dd competed in her first competition recently (in house) and she really enjoyed herself even though she felt she didn't do very well, she said she came 4th out of 12 for her age and level. We recently have been away and got back late the night before the competition and in hind sight she was...
  9. K

    Parents First competition of the year tomorrow :)

    Hi, we're in the UK and my daughter is a floor and vault gymnast. In our county this has six levels - novice, intermediate, advanced, bronze, silver and gold. My daughter is 11 and was a 2 hour rec gymnast up until nearly a year and a half ago, when she was moved into the squad and 8 hours...
  10. gymgurl

    First Competition Tomorrow

    Ok i have my first competition in Level 5 tomorrow eek! freaking out just a little here as i am sick (not too bad just cold) and that mucks up your middle ear so not so great particularly for beam. I am super excited :) I am also learning to drive so will be driving there, maybe i need more luck...
  11. P

    What information do parents need/want to know before the first competition?

    Communication at my gym is not great, but I am trying to be better than the average. I am planning a notice to the families to cover some useful information for those who have never done gymnastics competitions before. Any suggestions on what to include would be helpful. What you were told...
  12. Deanna

    Kadee's first competition

    Kadee will compete for her very first time Friday night at 6pm central time. She is soooo excited. She has the advantage persay of it being a home meet. But, her gym does not have seating in the gym (this is something they do on Which is nice on day to day, but not when it comes...
  13. fishchimes

    First competition TOMORROW!!

    My first meet ever is tomorrow! I'm competing level 5. It's a very small meet; only a couple of teams are competing. My main problem is my vault-- I've only done it by myself a couple times. Almost everything else is shaky but okay. Good luck is appreciated! :D If I get a video I will try to...
  14. blackbeltgymnast

    First Competition!!!

    Hey hey!! I'm doing my first USAIGC Competition today as a silver!! Super excited!! It's only an in-house meet but still, i'm nervous...:eek:
  15. I

    first competition EVER

    i have my first ever competition on july 19th and i'm really nervous! i really need some luck as i'll be against about 250 other gymnasts who've been doing it longer than me!!!
  16. marie83

    My Gymnast's first competition!

    Hey all, Our regional grades competition is this weekend. On Saturday my gymnasts have their very first competition. They have to compete the usual vault, bars, beam and floor but also an extra piece of apparatus called range and conditioning. They must score 10 out of a possible 13.5 of range...
  17. catesmom

    Parents Finally...our first competition

    Hi all- After months and months of practices it's finally time for our first competition. After all the trials and tribulations my dd will be competing for her second year at Level 6. She is sooooo excited to finally compete, every year when this time comes around it makes me remember why she...
  18. D

    First Competition Date Set.

    Ive only been doing gymn for about 6 weeks im already a level 2 going for pre team, the next meet is next year in april, im already working on some routines I could use, im the only level 2 going because Im realy advance for my level. So just letting you know im doing realy well!

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