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  1. S

    Parents Peeling off the high bar

    My 9.5yr old level 5 peeled off (with one hand) the high bar in her competition yesterday on the tap swing right before her dismount. She was able to save and land a good fly away. Since then I have googled peeling off and read some scary things. I’d like to hear some experienced thoughts on...
  2. A

    Anon Help with hiccups/toe shoot to high bar

    Hi I am a gymnast trying to learn a hiccup/ toe shoot/ Chinese sit up, whatever you want to call it. I have learnt the shooting part and my coach says I have the right timing but I’m having trouble with making my legs straight and going into straddle. I have practiced rolling through to pancake...
  3. FireCaptain611

    MAG High Bar/Strap Bar Maintenance

    I'm looking for a bit of advice/assistance in understanding. My son was recently injured when he peeled off of high bar on a giant. Several other athletes have shared that the bar he was using is notoriously slippery. This is the bar that is used as a strap bar. My questions that I am...
  4. C

    Parents High bar kip help

    So my DD is trying very hard to get her kip on the high bar. She does have her low bar kip, but its not consistent. Sometimes she will land it all the time in practice, and other times she wont be able to make it at all. Do you think she needs to make her low bar kip consistent before trying for...
  5. G

    WAG High bar kip drills

    I'm trying to get my high bar kip but because of COVID I am unable to practice. I have a bar at home but not uneven bars so it's not the same as high bar kip. Does anybody have any drills that could help me get it when we get back to the gym?
  6. J

    MAG Starting horizontal bar

    Hello everyone! Soon I would like to start training horizontal bar. I have access to proper gymnastics facilities, but coaches only know about WAG skills, although it seems that the beginning elements of horizontal bar and uneven bars are similar so perhaps they still can help. I am a beginner...
  7. F

    WAG Jump to high bar

    When kids start jumping to the high bar, is the bar placement based on the kid's height or do they just try to get them all jumping from one or two settings regardless of height? My dd is super small and it's the first skill I've been nervous about. I have seen how much work goes into changing...
  8. JBS

    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    NOTE: This conversation was split out of the following thread... https://www.chalkbucket.com/forums/threads/jo-code-changes-2018-2022.62666/ ------------------------------ For boys it's much easier compared to girls... bar height and lack of a low bar are major.
  9. munchkin3

    WAG shape while jumping from low to high bar.

    We are having a debate on the shape of the body once the gymnast jumps from the low to the high bar. Assuming the body isn't crazy arched when the gymnast makes contact with the high bar, and the routine is fluid and form good... Can there be a deduction if you jump and are not hollow, or is...
  10. T

    WAG Jumping to the high bar!

    Hi everyone, I guess I'm mostly venting:). As some of you know my DD has recently been diagnosed with Lupus. She's missed some practice due to pain and exhaustion and some lung issues. In top of that she's training to score out of level 4 and compete level 5. On top of THAT she recently got...
  11. M

    WAG falling safely from high bar

    My kid, who has her L4 bar skills and is working on the L4 routine, has had a few falls off the high bar that sound like narrowly averted disasters, including one fall that she broke with her nose and another where she put her hand down. In the gym I see the optionals using various strategies to...
  12. J

    How do I hang upside down on a horizontal bar?

    everytime I try, my legs starts to slip.
  13. L

    WAG Toe on Hecht to High Bar position

    Quick question: Can you perform the toe on hecht from low bar to high bar in a straddled position in JO (feet straddled on the bar)? It specifies only piked sole circle to toe hecht to high bar in the COP. If you can not be straddled, would the skill lose VP or incur some sort of 0.3 deduction?
  14. V

    WAG Hanging from the high bar as punishment?

    Now that I'm no longer doing competitive gymnastics do I dare ask this question. Is having gymnasts hang from the high bar as a punishment something that your gym does? This was common practice in the competitive team groups at my gym. Girls would have to hang for things such as falling and...
  15. S

    Coaches High Bar Grip Lock

    On Men's high bar, every so often someone's grip locks up, and often they break their wrist or worse. It seems to happen on eagle giants most. Why does this happen? What can be done to avoid it?
  16. profmom

    MAG high bar question

    Does the toe on in the FS 11-14 year old tech sequence have any value in the JO code? If so, what group is it in? Thanks!
  17. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Jumping to the high bar

    I can do a squat on and catch the high bar 40% of the time. The rest of the time I fall backwards. My coach always tells me I need to "Lean farther" but if I do so on average a go so fast I don't have time to catch the bar!
  18. Goldmedalgirl

    Off Topic Squat on to the high bar

    I can do a squat on and catch the high bar 40% of the time. The rest of the time I fall backwards. My coach always tells me I need to "Lean farther" but if I do so on average a go so fast I don't have time to catch the bar!
  19. G

    WAG Peeling off jumping to high bar?

    I have been coaching level 4 for a few years now and am having a problem with my new level 4's that I've never had. They have all their skills but almost all of the girls have peeled off jumping to high bar at least once. The bars are close enough, and they are jumping hollow but still peeling...