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  1. JBS

    WAG McKayla Maroney Commercial?

    Funny post from McKayla Maroney...
  2. Lilou

    Parents Gymcastic- McKayla Maroney

    All- I just watched this after stumbling on by accident. Have you seen it? She's very critical about her experiences, her coaches, gymnastics training/nutrition, etc... Also, I can see she's young and changing her focus/path to grow into...
  3. bookworm

    WAG Maroney video

    Gymcastic just posted an hour long video interviewing Mykayla Maroney ...and she covers everything...her elite life, multiple injuries, what she thinks USAG does wrong in training the girls,the overtraining and underfeeding by coaches, how they were treated leading up to London and even when...
  4. Gymnastisism

    WAG Mckayla Maroney/gymnastike

    Some of you are probably aware of the situation surrounding Mckayla Maroney and some photographs (some of which are fake). Earlier gymnastike posted an article with links to view these photos (the links have now been removed) which can be accessed by young children. USAG among other...
  5. heatherncastro

    Parents Mckayla maroney Instagram

    What does everyone think of the somewhat inappropriate pics and videos she's been posting on Instagram ?
  6. JBS

    Off Topic McKayla Maroney's Vine

    This is pretty funny...actually...lot's of her vines are funny... What goes through a gymnasts brain before their last pass on floor
  7. GymnastMomX2

    Maroney floor?

    Why didn't mckayla qualify for floor finals?
  8. I

    Maroney vs. Mustafina... Ya gotta be kidding me

    I was stunned and agast that Mustafina was able to finish ahead of Maroney despite a fall on floor and an ugly vault with reasons to deduct prior to her fall. Yeah, I know Mckayla had a fall on beam and an obvious balance check, but Alina had a minor balance check and a major one.... and there...
  9. gymlover

    WAG Mckayla Maroney

    Is she capable of a TTY? Why isn't she working it? Also why doesn't she compete a Silvas? She is SO powerful
  10. JBS

    WAG McKayla Maroney Fractures Tibia at Tour of Champions

    McKayla Maroney fractured her tibia (around 1:10 in the video) at the Tour of Champions...looks like it was bound to happen to me...the landing wasn't that hard. Aly Raisman flies off the bars a little later in the video. Here is the video...
  11. K

    WAG Maroney 2013 Vaults

    With the new vault changes in the 2013-2016 code (You cannot have the same entry Ex. Yurchenko for 1st, can't do a yurchenko for the 2nd. Has to be a handspring or tsuk entry) What will Mckayla's 2nd vault be? I'm voting on a Tsuk double full, maybe eventually she'd do a tsuk 2 1/2. What do you...
  12. V

    McKayla Maroney Memes

    Everyone has probably seen these by now, but I must say I find these McKayla memes hysterical. I hope she's learning to laugh about it. It's getting a lot of attention on Tumblr and elsewhere. McKayla is not impressed by the Mars Rover landing. McKayla is not impressed by the Sistine Chapel.
  13. M

    Ross and Maroney, where are their parents?

    I feel like they have shown so much footage on Gabby, Ali and Jordan's family and parents, I haven't even seen the camera point to Maroney or Ross's parents in the stands. I get that they had teh P&G ads and they only picked certain ones, but Gabby's story has been all over, even before she or...
  14. ivyagogo

    Maroney triple full?

    On the Today show, they said they should change the name of the Amanar to the Maroney. McKayla said she would like a vault of her own named after her. To me, that sounded like she is planning to show us her triple full at some point. It looks to me like she has plenty of air time to toss in...
  15. JBS

    McKayla (Air) Maroney...16.233...Did They Deduct The Landing?

    What an awesome vault by McKayla Maroney in the team finals! She landed...raised up on her toes and then had to she stepped into the salute. Do you think they deducted the landing?
  16. JBS

    Air Maroney

    Watch in the background of Maroney's Amanar vault in slo-mo...there is a judge who's jaw dropped...couldn't believe the vault...that's cool. What else is cool...vaulting so high that there are pictures of you above the vault table without the vault table in the pic! EDIT: EDIT #2: Here is...
  17. JBS

    Is McKayla Maroney's toe broken?

    Is McKayla Maroney's toe broken and do you think it will affect her crazy Amanar vault?
  18. M

    WAG Maroney Injured

    McKayla Maroney missed her feet while tumbling during the warm-up today at womens' finals. I only saw the end of the fall, but it looked like a back twisting salto that she twisted too early on. Oh my gosh, it was scary! She took it to the head, but it looks like she's okay but probably has a...
  19. wandrewsjr

    WAG McKayla Maroney

    Does anyone know why McKayla Maroney left Gymmax?
  20. Empowered

    WAG Maroney's Vault

    Not that there is a need as it's already the most difficult vault being done, BUT with the height that Maroney gets on her vault, do any of you coaches/athletes/people who know more than me think she could eventually triple it? It just seems so easy for her and it would be infinitely cool to see...