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  1. G

    WAG Front Pike

    Hi! So I can easily do a front tuck (at least on a rod and tumble trak- still kinda working on it on floor) but I don't get how to do a front pike. I've heard that just straighten your legs out in the tuck- and I've tried it but it doesnt work. Any suggestions? (Also- I'm kinda cautious about...
  2. C

    WAG Pike Jump on beam

    Is a pike jump a B in level 8?
  3. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG Simone's Yurchenko Double Pike: it's real!

    Confirming that this isn't just a mess-around-in-prqctice skill. Simone looks like she's actually gonna compete the Yurchenko Double Pike!
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Triple Pike on FX by Nikita Nagorny

    Gymnastics just keeps getting crazier
  5. M

    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    How hard do you think it is to move from a Yurchenko pike to a Yurchenko layout? From an outsider's perspective, it doesn't seem that much different, but it is the one skill that dd hasn't got yet, and from what she has told me, none of the other level 9s are quite there yet either. She had a...
  6. W

    WAG Simone Biles training a Yurchenko double pike

    Hey! I recently came across a video of Simone doing a Yurchenko double pike into a pit on YouTube. I think that’s super cool and a bit insane! I don’t know if she’ll ever actually compete it but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. It was just something so fresh with all of the twisting vaults we...
  7. G

    WAG Double pike trouble

    Hello, I have been having a really hard time doing a double pike on the floor. I’m not sure why because I’ve done all the drills, and I can do it very well off of the tumble track and air floor up to height. My layout sets are very high too. Right before I’m about to go for it my heart starts...
  8. C

    Parents Help for level 8 front tuck -front pike/layout connection

    Hi, my daughter is competing level 8 this year and she is really struggling with her front tuck front pike on floor. Her front tuck is nice and so is her front handsping-front pike. When she does the first front tuck though it seems like she just gets no “rebound” for the second one, so the...
  9. F

    WAG Deductions for Open Pike vs. Layout

    Quick question how do judges look at deductions for level 9 and 10 if your kids does and open pike vs a layout on bars and vault? Would it be better to do a pike or layout instead of open?
  10. gymgal

    WAG front toss pike on beam value? and question about judging it

    Is the value different than a regular front toss and how exactly do the judges tell the difference between the two - as in what are they looking for to distinguish the pike/tuck? We have watched some videos and the tucks and pikes all look the same.
  11. D

    MAG Martin's double pike vault

    Anyone else out there see it? It was wicked good, he just needs a better landing! He took second. :)
  12. M

    WAG straddle v. pike glide kip

    Does the choice of straddle or pike for the glide kip mean anything at all--for example, does it signal whether the kid will find straddle or straight cast handstand easier?
  13. 4schnoodle

    Parents Pike flyaway

    So my DD just informed me that she is doing a piked flyaway dismount and it got me curious… How much “Pike” is too piked? Like should her feet go all the way to her face? Should it be more like a 90° angle? This is more just a mom question from curiosity (don’t like to have her discuss too many...
  14. D

    WAG Pike Gainer off the End of Beam

    Hi all. My daughter is training the pike gainer off the end of the beam. Any thoughts on this dismount? Honestly, my biggest concern is injury risk. Lol Any experience with it?
  15. G

    WAG Pike's Peak Cup - travel/visitor advice

    We have not done this meet before. Anyone have tips to share? We are staying at the Broadmoore and we will have a car and a couple days after the meet to explore.
  16. kitkat

    BHS BLO BLO Back pike - floor beam

    Alex playing around with a new beam skill... Alex thought BHS BLO BLO was intense when she learned and competed it... this has definitely moved it up on the scale of YIKES........but I have to say if she got this skill it would be pretty darn impressive....stay tuned ;) Hope everyone is...
  17. Z

    WAG Squat on v. Pike on

    My DD came home yesterday and mentioned that she plans to compete a pike on in L4 bars this year. I am not entirely sure I fully understand the difference. Most of the videos I find when I search are for a circling skill. Anyone have a video they would share showing the pike on in the L4...
  18. J

    WAG Unable to pike ..training level 8

    My 9 year old is currently training level 7 and also working level 8 skills. Coach recently had a talk with me that DD will not be able to go any further with level 8 skills because she is unable to touch her toes. Dd has always struggled with flexibility she only got her good leg split about a...
  19. Y

    WAG How much harder to go from yurchenko tuck to pike to layout?

    hi, my daughter had a successful level 8 season despite her wrist problems in the beginning of the season. She scored a 9.275 on her vault at regionals and has been pretty much getting that score since the beginning of the season. At one point her coach was going to teach her the yurchenko pike...
  20. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Pike on?

    DD told me last night that HC wants her to "pike on" to the high bar vs squat on? Is this easier or harder? Any advantage? I'm sure there is a method to his madness, but just curious! Thanks!